Sunday, July 20, 2014

D-Link Day/Night HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera Review

With our newest addition being our fifth and final child, I had really planned on being on top of things before his birth. After all with 4 other children in the house, I knew what I really needed and what I didn't. But, my doctors had other plans and Julian made his appearance a little more than a month ahead of schedule and I definitely hadn't had all the necessities nailed down yet. One of those necessities being a baby monitor.

I use the word necessity on purpose. I used to feel a baby monitor was only a must-have for certain arrangements. I've always kept my kids with me for the first 6 mths before transferring them into their nurseries, and having a ranch style home it wasn't as if I was ever that far away. However, with my son being premature and having an overwhelming amount of worry I wanted, no I needed, to have eyes and ears on him at all times to ease my own apprehension. One issue I was having though, was finding a monitor portable and convenient enough to transfer from room to room being able to monitor him no matter where he is resting and no matter where in the home I may be.

The D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera is a simple, easy to use portable baby monitor that works with your tablet or smartphone allowing you peace of mind at all time, without any fuss. Basically, it puts the monitor in the palm of your hands turning smartphone and tablets into personal baby cams that you can view live anytime anyplace!

The D-Link Baby monitor comes with Wi-Fi baby camera, power adapter, optional wall mount kit and interchangeable colored accent rings. This lightweight camera came be set up anywhere in the home and is easily transferable from room to room and even on the go with an external USB battery. It’s also small enough that I can toss it in my diaper bag for on-the-go monitoring at friends and families houses or while on vacation. 

Set up was simple and the app is very user friendly. Download the free D-Link Baby Camera App for iOS or Google Play and plug-in your camera. The onscreen instruction will guide you through creating a D-link account and secure network to monitor your baby. Once setup is complete you can monitor your baby from your tablet or smartphone, live anytime. But, that isn't all. The D-Link baby camera is packed with lots of extra bells and whistles!

The D-Link baby monitor has many cool features and functions like 720p HD video quality and auto night vision, sound and motion detection, and a temperature sensor that gives you real time temperature readings of the room and even alerts you if it is too hot or too cold for baby.

At the top of the camera you’ll find four buttons; power, lullabies and volume control. From your smartphone or tablet you can take snapshots and recordings of baby, access a two-way speaker allowing you to speak to baby, and, of course, hear what is going on around your child. And with 4X digital zoom you can keep and up close eye, continuously monitoring your child using your smartphone even when the phone is locked!

Once your D-link account is set up and your cam is live you can adjust your setting directly from your phone. Convert temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit, toggle background audio on and off, play lullabies, changes camera’s day/night mode, adjust your Wi-Fi set up and more. Everything has been thought of with the D-Link baby camera, and it has all been brought to the palm of your hand in your favorite hand-held device. This one simple unit is all you need in a monitor. And making it standout even further is the microSD card slot that records snapshots and videos triggered by motion or sound.

Buy It: Purchase the D-Link Wi-Fi Day/Night Baby Camera at Best Buy, Target, and for the SRP of $179.99


Rachel C said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Looks like a great monitor! I love the two-way speaker feature.
It's funny that I feel the same way that the more kids you have, the more necessary a monitor becomes to keep track of them.

Eileen McDonald said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I like that you can view it home or on the go. It's sleek looking too!

Pamela L said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love how far technology has come. What an advanced monitor.

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