Friday, July 11, 2014

5 great ways to spend your Tax Return

If, for you, tax time means getting a sizeable return, it's time to treat yourself. After all, you've worked hard all year, so why not take the chance to have a bit of a splurge? The $64 million question is, how, exactly? Do you indulge in a special night at a luxurious hotel with someone you care about? Finally dine at that hatted restaurant you've been salivating over? Buy something you've been lusting after for months? Or, if you're lucky enough to score a particularly fat deposit, how about all of the above? Here are five fun ways to spend your tax return.

An amazing night in a lush hotel

If there's one way to utterly indulge, it's by splashing out on a beautiful hotel room. Think champagne, spa baths, room service and city views. For a hotel in Sydney with a great location, the five star Radisson Blu Plaza is pretty hard beat. Situated at 27 O'Connell Street, it's just a stone's throw from the Harbour and a bunch of other famous attractions, including the Opera House and the Bridge. Plus it's housed in an absolutely gorgeous building featuring a sandstone facade that dates to the 1800s.

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If you decide to make a big night of it, you can throw in an on-site fine dining experience at the Bentley Restaurant and Bar. Since opening in 2006, it's quickly become one of Sydney's best respected establishments. That's due not only to its excellent standards, but also to its rather unusual approach. The food is world-class and the wine list as long as the Nile, but the atmosphere is far more relaxed and inviting than you'll find in many other high-end restaurants.

Fine dining at a three hatted restaurant

Every year, the renowned Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide releases its list of Australia's finest restaurants, endowing its favourites with one to three hats (where three is out-of-this-world and one is somewhere around the summit of Mt Kosciuszko). In 2014, 497 establishments around the country were recognised. Once a restaurant achieves three hat status, it becomes pretty pricey, but at the same time, you're pretty much guaranteed of an exceptional dining experience. So you could spend your return on a multi-course adventure at Sepia, Quay, Rockpool, Marque, est. or Momofuku Seiobo.

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A South Pacific island holiday
If there's one surefire way to escape the strains and stresses of modern living, it's with a lazy vacation on a remote island in the South Pacific. By taking it during tax time, you'll get to break up your Antipodean winter with at least a scattering of sunny days. Think white sandy beaches, poolside cocktails, gentle kayaking adventures, snorkelling, scuba diving, eating freshly-caught seafood and endless watery panoramas that'll have you lost in day dreams.

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A scenic flight over Sydney Harbour

There's nothing quite like getting a bird's eye view of Sydney Harbour. Sure, it's a waterway that looks spectacular from nearly any angle - be it from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or from a secluded cove in the Harbour National Park. But nothing compares to soaring through the sky on a joy flight. Not only do you get an incredible view, you also get to enjoy the speed and thrill of flying.

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A brand new outfit

Finally, if you'd rather spend your return on something you can keep, you can always go on a shopping spree. The recent revamping of the Sydney CBD means there's a whole bunch of extravagant fashion stores where you can pretty much design and purchase the outfit of your dreams - from top to toe.


Karen Glatt said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

These are all wonderful ideas to spend a tax return! I like the going to the restaurant and buying a new outfit. I like treating myself to these things once a year, and with my tax return this is great to do!

Rachel C said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

These are neat ideas!
I must be pretty boring because we usually use our to pay extra on our house.

Robin Wilson said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love all of these ideas! But if we ever got one, I have no doubt that my hubby would want to use it on either something sensible or golf! LOL!

Terri said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I wish we could spend it on a South Pacific island holiday but we'll be paying bills instead. You have terrific ideas though. :-)

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