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How Do You Apply Vinyl Wall Art Stickers?

Vinyl wall art stickers can be an excellent and easy choice to decorate the walls of your home. Vinyl stickers that are personalized can obviously assist you to establish your own style sense and express your personality in a personal space. These stickers come with the types of designs that you actually look for and can also be out of-the-box in the sense that you can customize them as per your preferences. This helps you own something that not many other individuals can have. You may use personalized stickers in about every space. Many offices use customized stickers to display their company name and logo and you may even customize them to display a design that you wish to be created and turned into vinyl stickers. 

Advantages of Using Vinyl Wall Stickers

Vinyl wall art stickers are manufactured by using high-quality vinyl and these are available in a wide variety of designs. These stickers can actually decorate a wall and provide the room with an artistic and stylish makeover within a few seconds. 

Know about some of the advantages of using vinyl stickers for the walls of your home. 

Cost-effective – Wall Decals are extremely cost-effective ways of decoration. They can transform a wall painted plainly and you will not need to make a lot of expenses to prepare the backdrop. While larger stickers can be bought in 20-30 pounds, smaller ones come in only a few pounds and appear as if they have been painted on walls by professional painters.

Fast to set up – In the event that you lack the time required for a proper wall decoration, vinyl stickers can be the right choice for you. You can easily set them up at almost no time. You will be able to transform your wall in a matter of minutes. 

Easy to use – These are extremely easy to use and you may apply them just like normal stickers. These are also absolutely safe for use by children

Allows space for creativity – Vinyl wall art decals stand in contrast to most other wall art forms as they can be customized extremely well, even after they have been purchased. You can cut them to modify their size and rearrange them. You may even pain them over in your own choice of colors.

Durable – As wall art decals are created from vinyl of high quality, they can last for many years and not peel of the walls and make your room appear dirty. Regardless of who stays in the room, whether or not children are moving about the room or your pets are crushing against your room walls, you can expect your stickers to stay put and look stylish and smart. 

Easily removable – In case you are not happy with the position of your wall sticker, you can just pull it off and stick afresh. These stickers are designed not to leave any marks on walls, even when they have been stuck in a specific spot for a long time. For people who change their minds and preferences often, these stickers can be a great option. This is also a safe option for people who are scared of making mistakes and for families with little children who wish to participate in the decoration process. 

How Can You Apply Vinyl Wall Stickers?

It is very easy to apply vinyl wall art stickers. All that you need to do peel off the backside of the sticker and stick it to the wall. You have to be careful when you fix the sticker to a wall for proper decoration. You need to follow the steps mentioned below to apply vinyl wall art stickers in the proper manner.

Clean the wall – Clean you wall and remove all traces of dust and dirt before you apply the stickers. Use a moist sponge to wipe the all and remove all traces of dirt. Rather than using water, you should better make use of rubbing alcohol to clean the wall. 

Tape the sticker – You need to place the sticker in the spot that you want it to be on. Hold the sticker in place before opening its backside. When you are satisfied with the result, open the backside and stick it on. 
Peel off the sticker's backside – A vinyl sticker comprises of 3 components – the vinyl itself, the transfer film and the back paper. Once the sticker is fixed in place, you should life a small area of the transfer film carefully and peel the back paper off. In case the vinyl is stuck on the rear area, you should stick the paper to the film again and carefully peel it once more. 

Smooth the Vinyl – Once the back paper is peeled off, you need to smooth the vinyl and the film at 45 degrees with a squeegee. Gently smooth the sticker to avoid letting any air bubbles getting trapped within. Do this in a careful manner. 

Remove the film transfer – You need wait for 10 minutes at the least before peeling of the film that acts as a covering for the vinyl. Slowly pull the film to avoid tearing off the vinyl. In case you find the vinyl still being stuck to the film when you pull it, you have to use a squeegee and do the process again. 

You should avoid pasting stickers to a wall that has been painted freshly. You need to wait for a couple of weeks before placing the sticker over the wall. After you have cleaned the wall with rubbing alcohol and sponge, you should wait until the wall has dried enough before pasting the vinyl wall art stickers. These stickers work perfectly with water-based paints. Although you may apply these stickers to oil-based paints, the vinyl adhesive can be ideal with oil free paints.

How to Buy Vinyl Wall Stickers?

When you are trying to buy vinyl stickers, you need to check whether you have to buy readymade ones or whether the manufacturer can personalize them for you. In case of the former, you need to settle for some other vinyl sticker manufacturer. Unless you can get personalized stickers, it is needless to go with a manufacturer.


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