Thursday, May 1, 2014

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Old El Paso

Happy Cinco de Mayo! How are you celebrating? Drinks with friends an authentic Mexican dinner? With a new baby at home, and less time to prepare dinner, I find myself looking for easy solutions to meal time. And tonight is no different. Thanks to Old El Paso Mexican cooking sauces and stand ‘N stuff flour tortillas, I can prepare a fun and tasty dinner in celebration of Cinco de Mayo in no time at all!

My kids love tacos (I mean love them) and we all have our own way of enjoying them. From a traditional taco to piling meat and toppings on our plates and scooping it up with a hard corn tortilla shell, a taco will never go to waste in this house. And now with Stand N' Stuff tortillas we can pile our meat and toppings in soft, bowl like shell, and either scoop it out and into our mouths or pick it up and eat the whole thing at once! There is no wrong way to eat your stuff n’ stand tortilla. But I’ll tell you one thing, they’re a lot less messy than a standard shell, at least for the kids.

When it comes to Old El Paso Mexican Cooking Sauces you’ll have no problem bringing all the traditional Mexican flavors to your favorite dishes without the work. I tend to be a little picky about packaged sauces or recipes starters, but these really were infused with bold flavors that were just as good as from scratch.

For Cinco de Mayo, I made our traditional taco meat, but I also made a batch using the Chile and Roasted Garlic cooking sauce and it was super delicious. I couldn’t believe all the spice that came from that little package! These will definitely be on my grocery again in the future.

Find these and additional Old El Paso products at your local grocer or a super center near you.

Disclosure: Product(s) provided by Platefull and Old El Paso. All opinions are my own and yours may differ.


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