Wednesday, April 9, 2014

When Did You Last Update Your Address Plaque?

We’re so used to seeing them. Address plaques are one of those things you rarely notice unless they’re missing and you can’t find an address or it’s so unusual that it catches your attention. We know what address plaques look like around our local neighbourhoods but have you ever wondered what impact they’re really having?

A carefully chosen address number says a lot about their owners’ taste and personality. You may have seen them before, the address plaque with kittens on – it’s likely they keep cats. Or the plaque with pink orchids on that is probably owned by an older lady. When looking for an address the plaque is one of the key things that mark it from the property next door so provides the first impression.

Address plaques are available in many shapes, sizes and materials with all sorts of different fonts. This is what makes it such a personal choice and gives away the owner.  No address plaque at all usually indicates an owner a little less concerned about appearance, whereas someone with a very expensive bronze plaque indicates an owner who is very keen on how they are represented. 

Choosing a house plaque isn’t all just down to personal choice however, depending where you property is situated, placement could be crucial. If your property is in a street but setback, it is important to make sure your plaque is visible, not just to pedestrians but vehicles. If a delivery person is looking for your property it can be very frustrating if they cannot find it. The other mistake with house plaques is that if they’re on a property with a long drive no one will see it! It is always better to place them on the wall or entrance of your property.

Here are some simple guidelines to follow:

  • When considering which address plaque to purchase, consider if anything else needs doing too at the front. Check to see if the front door needs to be cleaned or repainted as a dirty door will detract from the appearance.
  • Use a customized plaque. Find a plaque that suits the house overall, for example if you live in an old cottage you might want to avoid buying a plaque that is very modern such as a glass and chrome plaque. An engraved oak plaque would work better here.
  • Use lighting. Using a downlighter or uplighter with your address plaque can give it some real class. By illuminating your plaque you also provide others with a way to confirm they’re looking at the correct address, which is particularly useful at night.

Tidying up the exterior of your home and furnishing it with a decent address plaque is all part of making the home presentable and easy to locate when needed. There is nothing worse than a badly maintained exterior. It gives off the wrong impression and can put people off going near it. By following the guidelines above you’ll be sure to have a home looks inviting from the outside.

About the Author:

Wayne Webb is a keen DIY enthusiast from New York who regularly writes about DIY and home improvement. Advising his clients on how best to present their house gives him great joy. Wayne also writes for commercial organisations and this article was written on behalf of Design Your Address Plaque. You can find Wayne Webb at @housesigns


Eileen McDonald said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I think the outside curb appeal of a home is very important. That includes your address plaque. This reminded me I would like to update mine, it is a little worn from the elements.

JRFrugalMom and Family said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'll admit that I don't usually think much about address plagues, but a good plague surely do make a difference in the appearance of a home.

VickeC said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I never thought about the personalitys that go with the labels,,mine has a heart made out of flowers,,and im older and have 13 grandchildren that I adore

VickeC said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

haven't updated mine in a long time,,,it has a heart made out of flowers,,so I don't know what that means,,lol

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