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6 Baby Products to Know About

There are many absolute must-haves for new moms. But over the years I’ve come to realize that some of the best products came to me as gifts; things I may not have purchased on my own or thought of as something I “had” to have. Here are 6 items/brands for baby and mom that you may not be aware of, or are worth checking out. 

Bouche Baby
Parents are extremely busy and any product that can help make life easier is always a welcome addition to the home. Bouche Baby creates ultra-safe and convenient baby products that not only make life just a bit easier, but are useful too!

Bouche Baby: 6 Baby Brands you should know
My daughter was a formula feed baby and at times and in the wrong environments (camping, on a hike, trips to amusement parks etc.) feeding time could become quite a challenge. There were water bottles to tote around, leaky containers with formula and forget about finding a place to rest and mix it up.

The Bouche Baby feeding system is ultra-convenient, stylish and simple to use. The infant to toddler feeding system converts from an integrated bottle to standard feeding bottle and even a sippy cup! The integrated system includes the shake-n-take. A system which allows you to add powder and water in separate compartments within the bottle. During feeding time simply remove the formula compartment and its top, flip it over and attach it to the bottle and shake. No more messy powder accidents or worrying about a non-sterile environment. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Here take a look…

Buy It: The Bouche Baby TAKE N' SHAKE - Baby to Toddler Gift Set retails for about $39.99 and is available on-line at, Babies R' Us,, Walgreens,, Walmart, Kmart and Sears.

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Bella Bundles
For the chic mama, Bella Bundles bring you stylish baby products from luxurious blankets to bibs and burp cloths that are as functional and cute. Made with modern fabrics and patterns you’ll find that delicate balance between practical and style.

6 Baby Brands You Should Know
Photo by Rachel McFarlin
Bella Bundles Bibs are much longer than your average bib, actually working to keep food, formula etc. off baby and their clothing. The bibs are also reversible and have fashionable prints like chevron, with a terry cloth bottom to wipe those messy spills.

The “Blanket on The Go” actually snaps onto strollers and carriers (how many times has your child’s blanket fallen from their carrier) and it can also snap around your neck for privacy during feedings.

Bella Bundles believes in being green. Their excess materials are converted into baby cloths made from a high quality, double sided, terry cloth/ Velour on one side and ultra-soft 100% cotton prints on the other. Great for a quick cleanup, burping and even a bath time wash cloth.

Buy It: For the stylish mom in your life, find these products and more at

Mello & Company: Nawgum

Introducing what is set to be the best teether on the market.
Baby Teethers

Nawgum is an all-in-one teether designed for babies zero to 24 months. The universal teether is designed to manage all areas of the mouth, and during all three stages of baby’s oral development: gumming, front and side teeth and back molars. It’s unique design also makes it more manageable for baby to maneuver. Non-porous, seamless and made with food grade silicone. Between its design and universal function this teether really defeats the need to purchase multiple teethers throughout different stages or your child’s oral development.

Buy It: Nawgum is available for the SRP of $19.99 online at

LiL' Side Kick
Doesn’t every baby reach that stage where they find it “fun” to play fetch with mom and dad?  They throw it, they cry, you pick it up, and the cycle repeats. Little Side Kick is a simple solution that prevents your child from dropping or throwing items out of reach, giving mom a much needed break and reducing some stress. I love my children, but I’ve always disliked the games of fetch, because that is exactly what I felt like I was playing!

The simple and versatile design secures any item from a small crayon to a bottle or favorite toy to just about anything. Safely fasten babies favorites to his or her high chair, entertainment chair, stroller etc. etc.

Buy It: Little Side Kick is available at, in a variety of colors, for the SRP of $16.99

Luv Chicken
Booster Seats For toddlers and older children who aren’t quite hitting the height of the dinner table. Luv Chicken offers a simple and mom friendly solution. The Luv Chicken Booster Cushion is the perfect solution for boosting up your little one. Made from kid-safe coated fabric, the cushion is easy to wipe clean, has a non-slip bottom, and a handle that makes it perfect for on-the-go use. Who wants to lug around a heavy booster seat to dinner at grandmas, the movies or use one of those restaurant booster seats that often leave you wondering “how clean is this?” When you can simple grab your light-weight, easy cleaning, Chicken Luv Booster Cushion! And did I mention it’s nice a comfy too!

Buy It: Available in 3” or 4” deep sizing in a variety of fun patterns. The Chicken Luv Booster Cushion can be purchased at for $40-$45

V Sachar MD Makeup
You know that pregnancy glow everyone talks about? Ya, well, some women have it and some don’t. I’ve been in both positions before and this time around, I definitely don’t have it. Pregnancy can play havoc on your skin and that makeup you loved before can all of the sudden become quite irritating to your now sensitive complexion – I know! And let’s be honest, do we always know what’s in our makeup? It’s only natural to want the best for yourself and baby.
V Sachar MD features the world’s only makeup created specifically for pregnant women. These safe non-toxic cosmetics for pregnant women are available in your favorite shades and products; from concealers and primers to lipstick and mascara.

I tend to be about as picky as my skin when it comes to makeup and I simply love this line. In fact, I may not go back to my regular stuff after this pregnancy. The oil-control makeup primer is my absolute favorite. My normal to slightly dry skin has become increasingly oily as these pregnancy hormones take over. Packed with antioxidants and supportive amino acids, 
V Sachar MD’s Makeup Primer helps soothe the skin, absorb excess oil, and keep your makeup looking fresh all day long! And it still works just as well as my old primer for filling in those pores and wrinkles minimizing there appearance – it’s a win win!

Buy It: Spoil yourself or a mom-to-be with this cruelty free line of safe high quality cosmetics, specially designed for that crazy pregnancy skin making her look and feel as special as she is. Find this line on the web at and learn more about it.

Disclosure: This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. Products and information used in this post were given to me for review purpose by the manufacturer or representing PR agency. Opinions are mine and are in no way influenced.


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Love these products! Bouche Baby is one of my favorites!

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some really nice products you have listed,,some of them I really wish I owned too

Eileen McDonald said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love the fabrics used in the Bella Bundles collection. The booster seat would also be perfect for the little in my life. She is too big for those regular booster seats, but could still use a boost for comfort.

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Great list. I have a new arrival on the way and hadn't heard of some of these. Thanks for sharing.

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These are great! I love the lil sidekick!

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