Friday, December 20, 2013

How the Internet Puts Money in Your Pocket

Online shopping is the method of choice for many people these days, as evidenced by the advent of Cyber Monday, a sales day that occurs after the traditionally in-store event, Black Friday. Just as there are deals to be had if you get up at 4:00 a.m. to brave the crowds at the department store, there are sales online… and you don’t have to freeze your pants off to get them.

It is common for people to think of an anchor store’s website component when shopping online, but there are other websites that provide deals on a much wider range of items. Sure, sites like Amazon and Overstock sell just about everything you could ever want at discount prices, but there are other deals out there if you look hard enough. Here are some ways you can put money back in your pocket online:

This site allows businesses and individuals to go online and sell their merchandise. The products can be new or used. There are two ways put money in your pocket using Ebay: 
You could buy an item used and save a bundle, or; 
You could sell your own items and make some cash 

Coupon Sites
The days of clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper are over! There are several coupon sites on the Internet where you can select the coupons you want and print your personalized sheet. Websites like coupon code day has thousands of active coupons from online stores. In addition to grocery store savings, you can get coupons for services like haircuts, massages, and moon bounce play areas. 

Gift Certificate Sites
These sites provide an incredible value. Locate restaurants in your area and buy gift certificates at a discount. For instance, say you want Italian food. Locate an Italian restaurant that you want to try by providing your zip code. They will offer range of gift certificates sold at a discount, such as a $10 value for only $4. For the person who enjoys dining in restaurants frequently sites like these will keep more money in your pocket per meal. 

Comparison Sites
These handy websites take the legwork out of finding deals. Typically used for product specifications and cost assessments, comparison sites allow you to compare apples to apples between vendors. Their prices for the same service will be listed side by side, which helps you make a decision with all the facts in front of you at one time.

Deal Websites
Sites like troll the Net in search of deals. They should be your first stop before shopping to find out if there are any deals on the items you want to buy.

Movie Sites
Cable and Direct TV are not the only games in town anymore. Now you can get streaming video of not only movies, but also your favorite TV shows, at a fraction of the cost or, in some instances, free.

Bye-bye, landline. Hello, VOIP. At a fraction of the cost, you can get phone service over the Internet.

Saving money using the Internet is easy. It just takes a little creativity. Happy hunting!


Marilyn said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I totally agree, 99% of my Christmas was purchased on line. I am at the age where it is difficult to get out among the crowds, however I do miss that feeling you get when everyone is out to get that one special item and are happy when they do.

Usually the best deals are a week or two prior to Black Friday, however this year Retailers have stepped it up these last weeks prior to Christmas. I found this site when I wanted to win an Vtech Innotab3s for my two granddaughters. I purchased them two weeks prior to Black Friday for $75.00 each, what a deal!. I was hoping if I won one that I would return one or even donate it to someone who would never get one for Christmas. In this weeks Sunday paper, Toys R Us had the Innotab 3s with the case and headphones for $69.99 with free shipping! Of course I ordered them, on line not returning the others until they were in my hands, which was the day after I ordered them.

I am the kind of person that will research an item to death before making a purchase. I was reading reviews and saw that many websites were sponsoring giveaways, I had no idea that was possible. I entered numerous sites, did not win, but did find a kindred spirit here. I have really enjoyed reading this blog, and look forward to finding an update in my inbox every day. Thank you for giving honest unbiased opinions and words for thought. I really have enjoyed this Blog, Merry Christmas!

Karen Glatt said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I am having a yard sale next year, and I want to sell some items on EBay. I need to get a book and learn how to do this. I have a few nice items that I would love to sell. I like getting Coupon codes because they help me save a lot of money!

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