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5 Easy and Low-Cost Bathroom Updates You Can Start and Finish in a Weekend

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Home remodeling is a drama, admit it. From projects that drag on for months to biting off something you’re not quite sure how to chew, the romance of do-it-yourself projects can wear off quickly. The good news? It needn’t be that way, and to prove it, here are five light “remodeling” projects for your bathroom that can be started and finished in one weekend. From time-tested fixes like painting to the exciting challenge of installing a new bathroom vanity, here are a few ways to spend your weekend improving your space without letting it get the best of you. 
Paint It

New paint is always refreshing, and relatively speaking, it’s a low commitment for a reasonable price. For smaller bathrooms, paint the walls lighter to give the room a bigger look and feel. Here are tips on how to make sure your walls look great. 

  • Prep the walls. Before you put down your primer, lightly sand your walls to remove any debris and unevenness. Once they’re smooth to the touch, take a lightly dampened cloth and clean off any dust.
  • Use primer. If you’re taking dark grey walls to a happy sunshine yellow, make sure you brush on an even coat of primer, as it will help the new paint stick and cover better.
  • Tape it off. Unless you’re a brain surgeon with an amazingly steady hand, get yourself a roll of painter’s tape, and tape off every edge. It will make the job faster and neater in the long run.
  • Double up. Even professional painters don’t manage to always put on an even coat. Plan your time, money and expectations around two coats of paint. 
  • Don’t forget the trim. If you’ve got baseboards or crown molding, bite the bullet and buy some glossy white paint. Tape it off, and brush it on. You’ll be glad you did.


Adding a little texture will go a long way in improving the overall look of your bathroom, and it will simultaneously reinvent the space into something more classic, as well. If you’re a real go-getter, you can buy and install individual beaded board wainscoting, but most home improvement stores sell beadboard panels in sheets of 4’ by 8’, and they go up quicker and look almost as good as the real thing. Just be sure they’re at least ¼” thick so they look authentic.

Put a Skirt On It

If your pedestal sink tends to gather odds and ends beneath it, one quick and easy fix is to put a colorful skirt around it. It will unclutter the space and provide more room to store more things. Here are some tips on skirting your pedestal sink.

  • Use an old bed sheet. Pick something you like, with colors that enhance how your bathroom looks and feels.
  • Hem tape. Trim the sheet so that it’s the length and width you need, making sure to have the finished hem of the sheet at the bottom of the skirt. Hem the edges that you trimmed with iron-on hem tape.
  • Velcro it. Attach industrial-strength Velcro to the top of the skirt and the bottom of your sink. 
In the Bathroom, All Is Vanity
Changing out your bathroom vanity will instantly create a new look and feel for the whole room. When shopping for a new vanity, don’t just keep in mind what you’d like it to look like — although that is very important. Be sure to also consider its storage and functionality.

Hardware Upgrade

From the faucets on your sink and your bathtub to the knobs sunk into any of your cabinet doors, changing out hardware is a quick and minimally priced update that improves any bathroom. Your local hardware store will have some options on hand, and your online choices are almost limitless if you plan ahead. Or, if you want to turn it into an adventure and you’re going for a specific look, take a couple afternoons to wander through antique or peddler malls for unique towel racks, knobs and handles that have a history to them. Some remarkable ceramic and glass pieces can be found in this way. If you’re crafty, buy wooden knobs and handles and paint them. Just be sure to put a couple coats of polyurethane over the top of the finished products to keep them safe.

Regardless of your budget and time, improving your home doesn’t have to be accompanied by fits of frustration. With a little forethought and follow-through, even the most un-savvy remodeler can make a big difference as is evidenced by these simple bathroom improvements.

About the Author: Janet Hunley is a contributing blogger and self-professed home improvement junkie, who thinks good lighting and a new kitchen every five years make for a happy house


Crisandra said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Great tips. We've been wanting to update, but are on a tight budget. I really think I will implement some of these ideas.

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Good ideas! My bathroom could use some work for sure.

Karen Glatt said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I would love to do Wainscoting in my bathroom because it looks so nice and really ads class to the bathroom look. Another thing I would like to do is change the faucet, it looks old.

Tiffany Dover said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love this post! All of these things are super easy to obtain and do by yourself! I painted one of our bathrooms not too long ago and after reading this post and getting ideas, I think it's time to do a few more things!

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Great tips here - I am going to update the faucet in our bathroom this weekend.

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Some great ideas. It is amazing what a hardware change can do for a bathroom.

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thanks for the help

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