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Modern Childhood and Modern Games: Reasons Why Video Games are Good for Your Kid

Usually when modern parents want to punish their kids and they want to provide them with some discipline, they deny them the access to video games. This is like taking away the treat from their children and making them do something more productive with their lives and with their time. In many occasions, the parents are quite right and they are responsible for their kids’ working habits and their forming. This leads us to the idea that video games are bad and that they are a waste of time. At some point, you will even hear the old story how when we were kids we used to live much happier and healthier childhoods as we used to run and jump and climb trees and do all sorts of things that made us so great today. However, that is not entirely true and that idea about games as a bad thing is far, far from the truth.

Reasons Why Video Games are Good for Your Child

If you have read about some basic psychology, you must have stumbled upon the section about childhood and games in childhood. They are not just pastime and physical exercise. They are far more than that. They are tests of your personality, interpersonal relationships, gender and social roles and many more things. This is even true in the animal kingdom – cubs play in order to learn how to hunt. Children play house and learn about the responsibilities. We used to run, jump and cook a lot, but today, we use cars, eat in restaurants and go to the gyms for recreation and exercise.

The point is – the life has changed so the games have changed as well. Kids today play video games, among other things, because they get them ready for their lifestyle in the future. Computers, Internet, Video Games and other modern technologies are the toys of a modern child. Children of today are the workers and parents of tomorrow, and tomorrow, everything will be Internet and computer based, even more than today. Therefore, in order to be successful in that world of tomorrow, children today play the games that are the most suitable for them – video games.

Another plus side of the online video games is the fact that a lot of them can be very educational. You can find tons of websites like DressUp121 that will educate your kid through games about a lot of things. Sometimes, the topics of these games can be very serious, while at times, your kids can simply enjoy some cooking or fashion games. As much as these may sound just like plain games that are there to relax your kid, they actually teach him/her something as well. Besides, some simple recipes by the cooking games will show your child some basic things that can be done in the kitchen as well as the basic principles of preparing food. Soon enough, your kids will be able to make their own breakfast by following the easy steps from their game.

Modern Childhood and Modern Games: Reasons Why Video Games are Good for Your Kid

Fashion games are also very interesting for kids. We can say what we want, but we all know that we sometimes judge people by their clothing. With these fashion games, your children can have fun by doing something creative, and most importantly, they develop their own personal taste and style for fashion. By dressing up virtual models, they learn about matching shoes, accessories and other things that are quite important for their social skills. For instance, they can dress up babies, and develop their creativity and style. You can find a great collection of baby games for kids at DressUp121

Also, probably the most valuable type of games are the ones that provide your kid with a virtual pet of their own choice. They get a pet that they have to feed, play with, clean   and do everything that they would do with a real animal. To make things more fun, sometimes the virtual pet is an imaginary animal. However, kids learn about the responsibility and the obligations that they have toward their pet. This is an excellent exercise for your child as they will see that their pet will die if they don’t take good care of it. This is the type of game that you should offer to your children if they express the desire to have a pet. That is a far more humane option than to make a test with a real pet that would suffer or end up as your own responsibility.

Of course, when it comes to online video games, regardless of how good they are, your kid can have too much of a good thing. In other words, sites like Dress Up 121 will provide you with a family friendly content and educational games, but you have to make sure that playing video games is not all your child is doing. It’s not about the games, it’s about how you use them, so use them wisely and don’t ignore them. Trust me – they are here to stay and that is a good thing!


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