Friday, October 12, 2012

Top Five Fun Sunglass Styles for Women

1. Rhinestone sunglasses are a pretty and glamorous style for women who want a pair of shades with a feminine touch. These fashionable glasses often come with rhinestone details on the frames or stems. There are some sunglasses with just a touch of bling, others that are heavily bedazzled with stones and everything in between. Many women find that this is the perfect style to wear at outdoor weddings because they are dressy and classy enough to pair with a nice summer dress and strappy heels while still providing important protection from the rays of the sun. Rhinestone sunglasses are an excellent choice for style-conscious women who want their shades to do double duty as eye protection and a fashion accessory.

2. Retro sunglasses are incredibly popular these days. As they say, "Everything old is new again." That old adage perfectly describes the resurgence in vintage styles such as cat-eye shades with their distinctively shaped frames, neon frames in bright colors and large-framed sunglasses with white frames. Many women particularly enjoy wearing square-shaped frames with dark lenses. One of the great things about retro sunglasses is that the old-school frames are back in vogue. It's not uncommon to see today's post-modern woman sporting shades that hearken back to the 1950s. There's really no such thing as "out-of-style." Every woman has the opportunity to select the shape that looks the best on her regardless of which decade they were first introduced.

3. Oversized sunglasses are all the rage in Hollywood. A certain famous set of sisters who star in their own reality television series can frequently be seen out in public with a pair of these oversized shades perched on their pretty faces. For the woman who wants to mimic the style of her favorite Hollywood starlet or just hide her face from prying eyes, there is no better style than the chic, fashion-forward look of oversized sunglasses with tinted lenses. They are also perfect for driving because they provide much needed comfort and safety to the wearer by shielding the eyes from bright sunlight.

4. Rimless frames are always in fashion. Many women choose this style because they feel light and comfortable. Sunglasses with rimless frames are more delicate than those with heavy frames, and they look attractive on women regardless of their face shape. Rimless frames look equally stylish on women with oval-shaped faces, narrow faces, wider faces, round faces and heart-shaped faces. That's because this style of sunglasses is incredibly versatile.

5. Sunglasses with animal-print frames are admired from the Jersey Shore to the Pacific Rim and beyond. Fun patterns in natural tones or brightly colored hues are internationally appreciated. A woman doesn't have to be a rock star to wear this fun and playful style. Ideal for any women who likes to add a whimsical touch to her wardrobe, sunglasses with animal-print frames can take any outfit and kick it up a notch from just fine to simply fabulous. Zebra, cheetah, leopard and tiger prints are just a few of the animal-inspired spots and stripes that adorn some of the hottest sunglasses for women.

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Pam said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I need some new sunglasses. I always seem to break the pairs I have. I think someone sat on my last pair!

akronugurl said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

i love Oversized sunglasses

-stephanie j

Terri said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I have the hardest time finding sunglasses that I like that fit my face shape. My daughter is big, ha, on the oversized styles. I think she looks like a bug but she is quick to correct me :)

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