Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Maintaining Your Flower Beds

This is a hectic week for me, so please forgive my lack of email replies and posting. My husband is on vacation this week which has really thrown me off, yesterday we spent the entire day at the eye doctor with my youngest son - I will be updating on that shorty - and to top it off Thursday is my husbands birthday and I have nothing planned yet.

Thanks to Tropical Storm Debby it has been raining here since Friday. These dreary days are making me even less productive because all I want to do is crawl up on the couch with my blanket and remote, while all this rain has my flower garden filled with weeds and my lawn is a mile high.

Today I can actually see the sun poking through - even though it's pretty darn windy. Before the storm makes landfall tomorrow and we catch some more of those feeder bands my mission for today is at least to clear out the flowers beds. 

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I've been asked a few times how I keep up with my beds in regards to weeds and keeping my plants thriving. I figured maybe sharing a few tips with you will get me motivated to get garden back into shape cause I have obviously been slacking.

If you've already begun a flower bed then hopefully you've got down the basics: proper soils, planting positions and the right types of flowers and plants for your garden. I made an impulse buy not to long ago without checking my facts. I wanted two small palms to rest at the edges of garden - which by the way is up against my home. I wound up purchasing palms with a high growth rate that at maturity reach 85 feet high! Obviously, not a great choice for the garden.. I was just glad, I at least did my research before I planted them next to my home.

Once you've established your flower beds, mulch is a must. Mulch doesn't just make things look nice but it also does a lot of other good things for the garden, especially conserving moisture and keeping weeds in check. 

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You're going to want to dedicated a few hours a week to weeding, pruning, water, dividing and more to keep your garden looking it's best. 

Most plants needs enough water to keep them growing healthy. If you live in a drier climate or don't have too much time to dedicate to watering you can find plenty of beautiful plants that don't require much water or attention. I have a mix of plants in my garden as we go through a dry and rainy season - we are obviously into rainy season here.

Weeds are the hardest to control and can quickly have your garden looking quite blah..I was weed free the middle of last week and with all this rain and wind, weeds are just shooting up left and right. I usually cover the base of my flower bed with a plastic or weed stopper before filling in with mulch... for some reason I omitted that step this year and have a feeling I will be regretting it in about an hour, when I'm trying to rip those weeds out by hand.

Despite my best efforts usually mid way through the season my plants need a little sprucing up and it's out with those that aren't thriving well, and in with some fresh color - I'm all about colorful plants and flowers. Basically, plants like all living things just need a little time, care and attention. Believe me, I do not have a green thumb but with a little effort I'm able to keep my landscaping looking great by just dedicating a few hours out of the week for upkeep.

OK wish me luck in my adventures in weeding, hopefully I don't get blown away! I probably could pick a better day for this but I don't want it to get out of control.

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Terri said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Then there's this Mom who hasn't even been able to pick up annuals yet this year! Ugh. Thank goodness for my perennials! Great tips!

Pam said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I am all about perennials. Those annuals don't last long enough for me. Good luck with the weeding.

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