Monday, May 21, 2012

Can't Live Without My A/C

Summer is upon us here is S. Florida. we are already well into those days, were I refuse to leave the comfort of my A/C. I was told I would adapt, but it's been about 5 years and I'm still always too hot and even the coldest winter days, are never cold enough for us to turn of the central air.

When we purchased our house we had no clue how to care for our air unit. Up north we just stuck a small unit in the bedroom window for the two months it was actually hot and stored it in the basement when the season was over. With a central air unit it didn't take long for us to learn that yearly inspections were a must, along with duct cleaning. A unit not running at the proper efficiency level can be killer on your electric bill - believe me we learned that the hard way! 

On a positive note those inspections have really paid off, as twice the inspections have lead to the discovery of a leak. This year we decided to wait for our yearly inspection and just last weekend were left with a flood in our hallway from a clogged drain. Now not only did I have to summon a plumber, but, I will need the ducts cleaned immediately, as the inside of my main flow duct was saturated with water down to the core providing the perfect breeding ground for mold...sigh


Are local A/C repair man is slightly over priced and for some odd reason doesn't provided duct cleaning - I thought that was part of A/C repair, but what do I know. We found it useful to have Scardina Plumbing on our repair list. I hadn't thought of a Plumber for A/C and heating, but why not? They cover everything from installation, inspection and they will even clean my ducts! I simply could not live without my A/C ( dramatic maybe, but true) so it's always a hard lesson learned when something goes wrong with the unit. I'm scared to know what it will cost to replace it when the time comes. 

Whats that one appliance in your home keeps you on your toes?

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Closer to Lucy said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I had no idea that you'd need a plumber to take care of my A/C ducts but it makes sense with it needing a water supply.

Guess I'll add plumbing to my list too

Pam said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I didn't realize you needed a plumber for the AC either. Learn something new every day!

Terri said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh, no kidding! It's so humid in Michigan in the warm months. Our A/C saves my son and I from being overcome by our allergies, too!

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