Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Teeny, Tiny, Squishy, Squashy Zinkies!

Do you have or know a little Squinkies fan? If so you must check out the all new Squinkie Zinkies! Zinkies are Squinkies mini counterparts. These teeny, tiny, squishy, squashy Zinkies are just like the original Squinkies only scaled down. You still get all the squishable fun and great detail you expect from the original line.

At about half the size of Squinkies, Squinkies Zinkies have launched with six unique sets, providing hours of fun for girls all over.  We received three great Zinkie Playsets, “Snug as a Bug Sunflower” "Zinkie Tiny Train," and “Tiny Tea Party Teacups”. Each of these Zinkie sets includes 12 Zinkies, 4 of which are hidden inside a colorful bubble that you pop open to reveal the squinkie inside – this way you never know exactly which squinkies you will get.

Also included is a squeezer and a magnifying glass. Use the small "squeezers" to place the Zinkies inside their hiding place and have your friends find them with the small magnifying glass included.

My daughter like to hide one Zinkie is a cup and make her brother try and find which cup the Zinkie is hidden inside. You would be surprised at how long this actually keeps them entertained. Of course due to their extremely small size they are not suitable for babies, toddlers or homes with small children and just a friendly tip… make sure they are all picked up before vacuuming. I had to dig two out of the dirt bin last week. I spotted them but I was already in motion..OPPS!

Buy It: Purchase Squinkie Zinkies Sets for about $12.99 each.

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WOW! Those are tiny

Amy V said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

how cute; my daughter would love these! she loves teeny tiny things

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