Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Disaster Hits The Midwest - Join In The Relief Efforts

Bloggers and fellow social media junkies....PLEASE Let's use our on-line reach and voices for good! We've all been watching the news coverage of the aftermath of the terrible storms that have swept through the Midwest. Today, I'm calling on the social media community to help make an impact. One of our members, Barb, who lives in one of the hard-hit communities in Kentucky, is trying to spread the word about the ongoing recovery:

"As of today, the donation areas are out of food and towels and are in desperate need of support...the people of Kentucky who are living through this disaster are in GREAT need."
Barb has posted an article with informationon donation opportunities, and she is asking for our help in spreading the word to our readers who may be able to help. She added:
"If anyone would like to make a direct impact, I am accepting Paypal donation to make a grocery run for the shelters based on lists they will provide.  I will be happy to scan and provide a receipt for those looking for confirmation or a tax receipt for their efforts.  My Paypal is - people are free to contact me via this address with questions or alternative donation methods."

Please join us in helping Barb and all of our other fellow bloggers in these hard-hit areas spread the word about donation needs and make donations to help relief efforts where possible.

Local donation efforts
Our county along with neighboring counties suffered a tremendous amount of damage last week when tornadoes touched down in Kentucky.  Sadly, people lost so much-loved ones and homes.  To attempt to describe the experience or the aftermath would be futile of me, I don't think I could properly convey the depth of tragedy nature's wrath can inflict.

What I can offer is a perspective on the amazing relief efforts taking place here in our small communities.  Cars and trucks line up along the entrances to our schools, delivering much needed items like water, cleaning supplies, food, and blankets.  People young and old are carrying, organizing, and ensuring these items reach those who are in great need of them.  Local volunteers, telephone crews, electric crews, and the National Guard are working diligently to clean up and repair the affected areas.

It is a beautiful sight to behold when you watch the big hearts of small towns working together to rebuild the community and offer some hope to those in need.Despite the best efforts of the local community, we are still in desperate need of Food!

With the additional weight of the snow storms that landed in our area, efforts have have been crippled.  Food and basic supplies are very much needed by those who are still without homes or living without power.

Continued prayers for those affected by the storms.  If you are in any way able to help, please do!

Interested parties wanting to make donations should go to  for directions and list of registered charities and affiliates.

Update:  More donation information and local volunteer opportunities can be found at

If you would like to make a direct donation to support FOOD SHELF efforts for Menifee and Morgan Counties, please donate via the PayPal button below.  All money will  be used for food purchase to be delivered directly to shelters.  No amount is too small, when people are hungry, a few dollars can go a long way!

Peeps, if every Lucy reader will donate just $1, we can raise these people up with more the $3,000. Tell your friends and spread the word. Let's use our power!

~ Thank you Closer To Lucy for allowing me to share her post


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Praying for all affected

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