Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kidlandia "Kreetures" Of The Kingdom

Kidlandia is a enchanted place, a leader in fact of personalized entertainment  creating award winning products for kids and families. My daughter even has her very own kingdom and personalized map. Kidlandia has been at it again adding more to it's online adventures, creating a educational and fun place for kids imaginations to come to life.

Kidlandia has introduced, for a limited time,  adorable plush Kreetures that come equipped with unique codes, unlocking more magic for online play, in Kidlandia's enchanted kingdom.  We were introduced to Thumblebottom one of a few "Kreetures" whom you'll find out and about in Kidlandia.

Thumblebotton comes with a secret code entitling you to 5000 free Kabloons when you sign up for Kidlandia Kingdoms. Kidlandia Kingdoms, are a place for your child to create and have fun online with games, magic stickers and fun activities.

You start off designing your Popkin ( character), then you are given your very own Kingdom to rule and name! You design your land with stickers, collect fun games to play and even take care of magic eggs which eventually hatch to become Kreetures.

Earn more Kabloons (money) by playing games and doing fun activities. With your Kabloons you can purchase more fun stickers to design the ultimate kingdom. You can even invite friends to log on and play with you! 

This is a fun game for children and provides and safe setting for them to play online. Both my daughter and even my youngest son had a blast designing their own kingdoms. My daughter tried to do her best to match her Kingdom to her map.

Find Kidlandia Kingdom here and purchase Kreetures available for a limited time at FAO Schawaz for $14.99 each.