Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stop Purchasing Textbooks and Save

Every semester a typical student is likely to spend well over 200 dollars on textbooks, and how much they spend often depends on their major. Some science and medical books can be over 100 dollars for just one book. This is a lot of money for anyone, but is especially expensive for often poor college students. Since students spend the majority of their time in class and studying they just don’t have a lot of time for a job, which means low funds. However, is here to help students across the country. Campus Book Rentals is a growing, trustworthy company that started in 2007. Now this website holds the largest textbook selection in the country. In addition to finding all the books you need, you will save a lot money. Books can be up to 90% off retail prices when you rent. Now that is some saving!

However, this semester when you rent from Campus Book Rentals you will receive the additional perk of helping a less fortunate child. has teamed up with Operation Smile in an effort to help children around the world born with facial deformities. Each year thousands of kids are born with such problems as clef lip and clef palate. These kids need the donation of sponsors and individuals. The donations from will go to helping make a child laugh, smile and socialize.
So, not only are you saving money on textbooks, but you are also helping less fortunate children everywhere. 


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