Monday, December 5, 2011

All Aboard The Giveaway Train For Some Amazing Fluff and More!

Do you like to save money AND have a great chance at winning some amazing prizes? Well I do and I have found that entering contests to win great prizes is an easy way to get what I want without spending a dime. I have gathered some friends and we are all offering super prizes on our sites. We are part of the Giveaway train. This Weeks grand prize is $197.46 worth of cloth diapers.

About our Sponsor: Lotus Bumz

The Lotus Bumz Company was created by a mom who wanted an affordable option for cloth diapers. She wanted to do what was best for her child and the world. They have the cutest diapers covers and when you sign up for their newsletter you are entered to win free diapers.

      The Prize is your very own supply of cloth valued at $197.46

cloth diapers

Instructions to ENTER

When you get on the giveaway train this Tuesday at 12:00 am you will need to:

1) Head to the Rafflecopter portion of this post or access it via my Facebook Page

2) Like and/or Click on the contest links to enter 

3) You will be leaving comments on the site with the contests. These contests each have their own rules and end dates. You are NOT required to enter any contests on the Giveaway Train. The more you enter increase your chance of winning the grand prize. 

4) The contest for the grand prize ends on Thursday, December 8th at midnight. The winner will be announced prior to the next train on Tuesday December 13th their name will appear on The Giveaway Train Winner's page. 

 Think of it like this: your trip starts on my website. You leave the station and head to my Facebook page. You get off the train at some amazing and wonderful sites where you leave comments to win great prizes. Then you end up at your final destination (a Facebook page) and you leave comments telling us what you have done. You wait a couple of hours to see if you have won the prize and any of the other contests you have entered and voila your journey is over until next week!   

 (If you would like to sponsor our Train, "Hop Aboard!" and contact Amee or Heather at for details.)


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