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Holiday Guide To Gaming - Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders released in mid-October for PSN, Xbox Live Market Place and PC. 

Dungeon Defenders is a RPG strategy game, sure to get you hooked. I was a little unsure of Dungeon Defenders at first, with it being a downloadable game and way less then half the price of traditional PS3 games. The graphics aren't top-notch and the camera angles are hard to adjust but this game grew on us rather quickly. And at this point is one of my favorites. Especially in multi-player mode where myself, husband, and boys can all get in the action together.

To begin you can choose between four characters - The Squire, Apprentice, Huntress, or Monk. Of course each character has skills specific to them. Since we started out the game and multi player mode and I was last to choose I went with the Huntress. I guess it was fitting since she was a female but I prefer up close attacking as opposed to her skill of archery and gun shooting, but I adjusted. From there you head to the Tavern. This is where you can select your mission type; solo mode, challenges, missions etc. As well as the place you will want to shop for goods, like weapons, armour and pets. Tip * Before you start a mission "lock" the pets and weapons you want in the shop. As the shop randomize after each mission you complete.

Each mission places you within a dungeon, with a crystal ( or four) to protect. This is your main objective in this mode. Each dungeons has a different layout, meaning with each new level you will have to strategize your new plan of attack and the best way to defend the crystal(s). Each level also has a specific amount of "waves" or levels within a level. The first wave is naturally the easiest with each level become progressively harder, with stronger enemies as well as more enemies being released. The last wave in a level is of course where you will typically find your boss fight.

At the start of each wave you will find the building phase. Each character is equipped with special abilities in the form of traps/blockades they can set down. Of course before you begin leveling up your traps are weak and not always available to you. You need to have enough Mana as well to set down specific traps. In the building phase you will strategize and set these traps down in a way that will help best protect your crystal. When your ready you can ready up and prepare to begin the combat phase. You can find Mana (so your prepared for the next building phase) by collecting treasure chest between waves and by defeating enemies. You will also have the ability to find new weapons and armor during combat. In multi-player mode you can share weapons which are of no use to your character, with other players between waves or in the Tavern. You also have the option to sell items back at the store inside the Tavern.

Defeating enemies and leveling up is also essential to game play. Especially when you join a party who is extremely strong and you can keep up with defending your area. Leveling up will let you upgrade your defences, which are again essential to your game play.

If you like to jump right into battle an get your hands dirty this is a great action pack and fun strategy game for you. Don't let it fool you it has some real potential and can become addictive. Besides the Camera angles which I am not a fan of I loved the "hand to hand" combat style and the fact your pretty much fighting from the start of a wave to the end. You definitely won't be bored. This is also a game best played in co-op mode locally or online.

XBLA Publisher:   Reverb Publishing, D3Publisher
PSN Publisher: Treny Entertainment
Developer:   Trendy Entertainment
Platform PSN, XBLA, PC (Steam)
Price:   $14.99 (1,200 MSPoints)
Genre Action RPG/Tower Defense
Release Dates:     October 18, 2011 (PSN), October 19, 2011 (XBLA, Steam)

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Looks like a great game for the whole family to play. Gotta check this one out!

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Looks like a fun game!
Stopping by to say hi! :)

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Ooh, this looks fantastic! My son would love it - thanks for the introduction!

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This looks like a awesome game. Thanks for sharing it!

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Those are some cool graphics! Glad my son ain't seen that yet!

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