Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Perfect Gift To Start The Festive Season: The Advent Calendar

The advent calendar has been in use for the better part of two centuries and has become synonymous with the holiday season. It is believed that German Lutherans were the first folks to take the time to put together a physical representation of the countdown to Christmas, and millions of children all over the globe enjoy advent calendars in the modern era. Here are three reasons that a chocolate advent calender is the perfect way to capture the festiveness of the holiday season.

It Creates Anticipation

By counting down the 24 days leading up to Christmas, your child will build up an appreciation for the concept of time and patience. It is true that anything worth having is worth waiting for, and a chocolate advent calendar is essentially an inexpensive tool that can teach that concept to youngsters. Make sure your child is privy to the concept of opening only one square per day, otherwise an advent calendar can disappear in an afternoon. By allowing your child only one piece per day, they will build up an appreciation and understanding of the special nature of the holiday season. Partaking in the bounty of only one small gift at a time builds character and discipline within in a child which can be utilized all throughout their lives.

It's Delicious

The chocolate treats in a chocolate advent calendar are typically light and delicious. Given that about 95% of the UK's population loves the taste of a good chocolate, a chocolate advent calender is a can't-miss gift. The holiday season will seem even more special and enjoyable when highlighted by a daily dose of deliciousness.

It's A Holiday Tradition

Exposing your child to the magic of an advent calendar is a great way to get them excited about the holiday season while simultaneously honoring a longtime tradition. By getting kids involved in traditions, they are able to better understand the significance of the many generations of people that lived and thrived before them, which gives them a more well-rounded perspective on life. For these three reasons and a handful of other ones, purchasing an advent calendar for your child to explore come December is a wonderful idea.

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i always do this with my kids every year its a great tradition

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I love the countdown idea!

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