Friday, October 14, 2011

Amazing golden creations

With the news that Tata Motors has created a golden Tato Nano, this article will look at some of the other weird, wonderful and downright bizarre golden items made and bought recently. 

Gold is worth so much at the moment due to demand caused by the global recession, that somebody creating a solid gold loo for example seems even more spectacular and extravagant than before. 

Here are some of the more amazing creations: 

The Diamond Rose IPhone 4 
This phone is so beautiful that it has to be seen to be believed. Worth an absolutely incredible £5 million, it has a covering of pure rose gold, platinum buttons and 53 diamonds. It also has a huge 7.4 carat pink diamond as the navigation button. Not exactly a phone you can take out clubbing with you, but stunning all the same. Imagine leaving this on the train!

Wallis Simpson’s Panther Bracelet 
Wallis Simpson once owned a stunning panther bracelet studded with diamonds and onyx stones. To further demonstrate the worth of this exquisite creation, it was created personally by Jeanne Toussaint, the then director of Cartier. It was recently bought by Madonna at auction for $7 million. 

 The world’s most expensive diamond ring 
The most expensive ring in the world is a pink diamond ring that has a five carat pink diamond. It was recently sold for $10.8 million. We’ll take seven, one for every day of the week! 

Since gold is worth so much right now, these incredible purchases have probably gone up even more in value since they were originally sold. 

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