Friday, September 2, 2011

Wild East Coast Weather - Fellow Blogger Sam Vs Irene

The aftermath of Hurricane Irene has been devastating to many people. One of the members of our Collective Media Magic group, Sam, of Have Sippy, Will Travel, lives in a town overrun by flooding. Her home was flooded during Irene, causing extensive damage. All of her clothing, much of their furniture, her children’s toys and most of their precious memorabilia was lost during the flood. They will probably not be able to save their home as it filled with raw sewage and raging flood waters. When we spoke with her today, she realized she had lost items she thought they had been able to save. She and her husband have not been able to work during this time.

We would love to help Sam during this time of crisis. Her family, including her two children, ages four and six, need so much. If anyone would like to help Sam, we have established a Help Sam Fund. All proceeds will be sent directly to her family to take care of their needs.


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