Friday, September 23, 2011

Research says solar panels are a great investment!

Anyone who has researched renewable energy sources and knows their Ecodan from their solar PV systems knows that much has been done to make sure investing in solar PV benefits the consumer as well as the environment. However, it’s nice to see official research proclaiming that solar panels are a solid investment.
Ernst and Young recently did some research on solar PV and concluded that not only are solar panels much cheaper to install than they were a few years ago, their investment potential is excellent, providing homeowners with a solid opportunity to glean excellent returns from using renewable energy resources.

Why are solar panels a great investment?

Great question! The UK government brought in the Feed-in Tariff in April 2010 as part of their campaign to get more people using renewable energy. The Feed-in Tariff basically entitles people who have an eligible solar PV system to receive payments from energy supplier for both the energy they generate and use and for the energy they generate and export to the national grid. The Feed-in Tariff balances out the solar panels cost and rewards you for doing the right thing.

How do I invest in solar PV?

Invest now before the rates for the Feed-in Tariff are cut! The rates will be cut dramatically with effect from 31/03/2012. The old generous rates will be honoured for anyone installing solar PV before then. At the moment, you’re entitled to £0.43 for every KW of solar energy your system produces that you use, and also for the energy to sell to the suppliers. This, along with the fact that you’ll obviously be saving money on your regular electricity bills, means that you could be £1000 a year better off.
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I really, really want to get some for our house. The sun just bakes 1/2 of our house and then we have to use more energy to try to cool it down.

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