Saturday, September 17, 2011

Moon Dough - Even better then before

When I heard Moon Dough had a new formula I wasn't sure how I felt. I love Moon Dough it's one of my favorite modeling dough's, it doesn't dry out, stick in my carpet, cleans up fast and I love the marshmallow like texture. At last though, when are new Moon Dough Push N Pop Breakfast Set featuring the new dough arrived - I was still happy.

The new Moon Dough has all the great features, I came to appreciate - doesn't dry out, can be reused, is hypoallergenic and it doesn't stick or stain. What they did was just improve some on the old formula, by introducing a less crumbly dough for less mess, along with a better consistency for molding. My daughter is the Moon dough fanatic in our home. It has always been a product I didn't mind her playing with in any room of the house. It wasn't mess free but clean-up was rather simple, with the new formula the mess is even less! Which makes clean-up even easier on me.

I was also loving the new Moon Dough Breakfast Set. With the Moon Dough Pop N Play Breakfast Set you can create Pancakes, Waffles and Toast in one easy step with the new Push & Pop Tools. Just Push, Pop, and Play! Stack up your creations, create toppings, and serve up your own breakfast.

This set includes 3 Push & Pop Tools, Twisty Mold, 2 colors of Moon Dough and a themed map all for the SRP of $9.99! Which is why I was more then happy to add the Moon Dough Push N' Pop Ocean Pals Set on my daughters holiday list.  Moon Dough Sets are super fun at a price that is affordable.

Buy It: Moon Dough is available at Toys R US, Target, Walmart, Kmart ,, Michael's and eToys.

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