Monday, September 19, 2011

The Giveaway Train Is Coming Through With Sweet Dreams For you!

Do you like to save money AND have a great chance at winning some amazing prizes? Well I do and I have found that entering contests to win great prizes is an easy way to get what I want without spending a dime. I have gathered some friends and we are all offering super prizes on our sites. We are part of the Giveaway train. This Weeks grand prize is $100 in luxury bedding from 1500 Threads Com .

The difference between a good night sleep and a not so good night sleep is having these sheets. I have reviewed them and I love them. They are the softest sheets I have ever owned at 1500 thread count. They wash exceptionally well and fit my bed correctly. I am so excited to try out the rest of their line. I was so impressed that I asked them if they would be willing to give you all a discount so you can experience the level of luxury only normally found at 5 star hotels for fraction of the price. Here is what they are willing to do: They offered to give away $100 dollars to their shop You will be overwhelmed by the values there! It gets even better:

The 1500 company is offering our readers 50% off of their entire purchase during the event only. If you win the event you will receive $100 credit on your purchase. The event code is GIVEWAY50.

 Instructions to ENTER:

When you get on the giveaway train you will need to:

1) Click on this LINK or head to Madame Deals  Facebook page, find the image below, and click on it

  2) Like and/or Click on the contest links to enter

3) You will be leaving comments on the site with the contests. These contests each have their own rules and end dates. 

 4) You will leave comments on this link after you have entered the contests to be eligible to enter our giveaway which ends THURSDAY September 22nd at 11:59 PM . A winner will be selected by . Think of it like this: your trip starts on my website. You leave the station and head to my Facebook page. You get off the train at some amazing and wonderful sites where you leave comments to win great prizes. Then you end up at your final destination (a Facebook page) and you leave comments telling us what you have done. You wait a couple of hours to see if you have won the prize and any of the other contests you have entered and voila your journey is over until next week!  


Sweet Dreams Giveaway


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I didn't know this was actually another way to enter giveaways. I might just join.

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