Friday, September 23, 2011

Four Signs of a Quality Mattress

There are multiple reasons for a bad night’s sleep, which include a bad diet, lack of exercise and stress. However, one large and often overlooked culprit is that of a bad mattress. If your mattress is old, frayed and making some interesting noises then it is probably time for a new mattress. There are several options to consider when searching for the right mattress find for you. It will be important for you to consider every option from air bed to inner spring, as everyone is different and has different needs.

When shopping or researching a new mattress you will want to consider these four important qualities. First, take into consideration the comfort and support of a mattress. Obviously, comfort in regards to type of mattress and firmness will be different for everyone, and as far as support goes the mattress will need to support you and your sleeping habits. Next, you will want to consider the amount of space any given mattress will provide you with. This is extremely important for those of you sleeping with another person, as having your own space to sleep is important. The next feature you will want to research is the durability of the mattress you buy. Surprising for some, mattresses only have a five to seven year life span. Lastly, like a house the proper foundation is also key for a mattress. So, don’t forget to research the proper bad frame or box spring when researching your new mattress.

Do not be afraid when buying a mattress to take your time and test the mattresses in stores. After all, a good night’s sleep means a better you.

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Momma Teri said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

We have had terrible luck with mattresses. Ours typically last 2-3 years before the dreaded sink holes rear their head. I will definitely take these tips in consideration when buying a new one this Christmas. YES THAT IS MY GIFT TO ME!

Katie said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks for these great tips, next time I buy a mattress I will print this out and bring it with me

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