Thursday, September 15, 2011

Collective Media Magic & Rock-n-Learn #Twitterparty

Collective Media Magic Blogging partners all have a background of some sort in education and academics. It is this background that gives us an appreciation for the mind set of the the developers at Rock-n-learn. They get it -  our kids (aka: students) learn in different ways. 
We were delighted when a peak at the Rock-n-learn blog made mention of Differentiated Instruction. The term is sometimes looked upon with much skepticism because it implies the use of a plethora of instructional methods be used that in theory are easier to suggest that than implement.
We don’t even have to refer to our child on this one….seriously aren't we all combination learners? We all need our visual, social, creative, and tactile needs met and don't want to be bored with ritualistic instruction. A one way approach doesn’t work for most of us and it doesn’t work for our children.

Rock-n-learn not only validates this learning philosophy but it practices the foundation of this same belief through a multisensory approach.


Rock-n-Learn DVDs are perfect for homeschooling, practice or even in the classroom. They are all have an in-depth entertaining approach that engages young, inquisitive learners. You won't find a better phonics system than Rock ‘N Learn!
And to prove it the partners of Collective Media Magic have teamed up with the people of Rock-n-learn for a Q&A style prize packed Twitter Party!!!
When: September 27th
What time: 8pm CST
Hash tag: #Rocknlearn
Who to Follow:
Prizes include: Individual copies of Earth Science DVD, Human Body DVD, Physical Science DVD and Life Science DVD and the whole Science DVD Collection as a grand prize!
As well as a coupon code for 25% off just for party goers!
To participate: 
Follow your hosts and sponsor (all attendees will be verified)
Leave your Twitter name and link in the sign up linky (those that don't sign up are not eligible to win prizes)
At the party be sure to include the #Rocknlearn hash tag in all question responses and conversation participation. 
Be sure to answer all party questions with a Q and corresponding question number. For example Q1: means you are replying to the first question we asked, Q2: is for the second, Q3:, and Q4:.
Questions: Ask them here or send one of us an email!
Otherwise we will see you there!
  Tweet - Collective Media Magic & Rock-n-Learn #Twitterparty RSVP September 27th 8pm CST #Rocknlearn


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