Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Available Today Dora The Explorer: Enchanted Forest Adventures & Dora's Storybook Adevntures

Available on DVD September 13th, 2011 - Share in Dora's magical new adventures in Dora The Explorer: Enchanted Forest Adventures where your little one will discover unicorns, gnomes and fairies in three fantastical Dora Adventures. At the same time children can also enjoy the release of Dora's Storybook Adventure and explore with Dora some more, as she continues her journeys with unicorns, dragons and Princesses in this new three-DVD box set!

Dora The Explorer: Dora's Storybook Adventures Episode Synopsis:
(Disc 1)

Fairytale Adventure (Double length episode) - Dora and Boots are exploring the forest when they discover the gate to Fairy-Tale Land. Soon they find that there's a mean witch who lives in Fairy-Tale Land and when Boots eats a banana from the witch's fruit tree,Boots turns into Sleeping Boots! To break the spell Sleeping Boots needs a hug from Princess Dora.

What Happens next?- Abuela gives Dora a special start pocket to catch explorer starts, and Dora sets out to become a star catcher! With Boots help, she soon catches her first explorer start but Swiper swipes the star pocket and ties it to a balloon that floats all the way up to Cloud Castle.

The Magic Stick - Dora and Boots find a magic stick and according to  the wise old tree frog, it's up to them to go to the top of the highest hill to make the stick do it's magic trick.

Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess (Disc 2)

Dora Saves the Snow Princess (Double Length Episode)- Dora, Boots and the snowflake Fairy are off to save La Princessa Sabrina and her snowy forest from a mean witch who has locked her in a tower and taken away her magic snow Crystal.

Dora's Jack In The Box - Dora's twin brother and sisiter have been sick and Dora wants to buy them a present to cheer them up. She finds a Jack-in-the-box but it's been so long since poor jack has been played with he forgets when he is supposed to pop out.

Bark Bark To Play Park - Everyone is getting ready for the twins big day at the park. Dora even has a surprise for her puppy, Perrito. He also has a long lost twin puppy brother he hasn't seen since they were babies.

Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom (Disc 3)

Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom (Double length) - A greedy King has stolen the crystal's that give Allie's Kingdom color and Dora and Boots must help Allie locate the Crystals and turn the pale grey Kingdom back to a colorful wonderland before it is too late.

First Day Of School- Boots and Tico are really excited because it's their first day of school ever. In their new school, they'll learn in English and Spanish!

Boots Banana Wish- Dora and Boots are at an amusement Park where they have a special wishing machine. Boots makes a wish for bananas and suddenly a bunch falls down on Boots! He is happy until he realizes they won't stop coming down.

Dora the Explorer: Dora's Storybook Adventures has an approximate run time of 282 Minutes and is available 9/13/11 for the SRP of 24.99 where videos are sold.

Dora The Explorer: Enchanted Forest Adventures Episode Synopsis:

Tale of the Unicorn King - All of the forest animals choose Unicornio as king of the Enchanted Forest. The animals think Unicornio is kind, smart and brave but Unicornio is shy and doesn't think he is any of those things.

The Secret of Atlantis - Dora and Boots are at the beach when they see Diego riding a dolphin. He just went on an undersea adventure and found the legendary lost continent of Atlantis where he finds out why It disappeared from Earth. Diego recruits Dora and Boots to help him end an ancient feud between unicorns and dragons.

Dora save King Unicorno ( Double Length episode) - Dora and Boots are playing in the leaves on an autumn day and Little Rabbit from the Enchanted Forest arrives to ask for their help. when King Unicorno returned from Atlantis to the Enchanted Forest, Owl didn't want to give back the kings crown, so he tricks Unicornio. If Unicorno doesn't plug the damn with his horn the forest will flood! Dora and Boots set out to rescue Unicordo from Owl.

Dora the Explorer: Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures has an approximate run time of 93 minutes and is available 9/13/11 for the SRP of 19.99 where videos are sold.

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Looks like I have another DVD to add to the "need to buy" list! DD loves the multi-cultural shows (Dora, Diego, Kai-Lan) which is awesome!!


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