Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thermomedics Taking Non-Contact Thermometer - Non-invasive

If I had one major complaint about back to school it would be back to illness. I feel like school is just a breading ground for germs and within the first month, my kids ALWAYS come down with something. You would think having a few kids I would have at least one thermometer in the house - but you would be wrong. 

We go through thermometers like batteries. I always buy a standard under the tongue thermometers, so maybe it's my fault. They are always getting lost or broken, plus my kids can never keep it in their mouths the correct about of time, to get an accurate reading. Let's just say finding a thermometer or getting someone to sit still long enough to get their temperature read, is always a chore in my house.

When I came across Thermomedics I was intrigued by the Talking Non-Contact Thermometer. Could I really sneak up next to my kid and take his or her temperature without them even noticing? The Talking Non-Contact Thermometer by Thermomedics provides you with a non-invasive way to take your child’s temperature – even while they are sleeping! Plus it is really easy to use and large enough including a carrying case, for me not to lose - or so I hope!

The Talking Non-Contact Thermometer comes ready to use, simply insert 2 AAA batteries. Taking a child's temperature has never been more easy - Simply aim the sensor, holding it about 2 inches away from the forehead. In as little as a second the thermometer not only displays their current body temperature but also speaks it out loud. The color of the screen also changes depending on the temperature reading - Green being normal, yellow slightly elevated and red of course is high.

The Talking Non-Contact Thermometer is also multi functional. With a click of the mode button you can change it's function and use the thermometer to check the temperature of a feeding bottle, bath water and much more. You can also change the language setting and switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings.

So how does it work? Well according to their website, all living matter releases energy via radiation. The strength depends on the temperature. The Talking Non-Contact Thermometer by Thermomedics uses cutting-edge technology to measure the temperature of a person based on the energy that person is releasing. Pretty cool, huh...

Buy It: Purchase the Sanomedics Sbt01 Talking Non-Contact Thermometer
 via for $34.99

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