Saturday, August 20, 2011

HABA - Building Block Fun

HABA has always been a trusted name in quality wooden toys in our household. I have expressed before my love for wooden toys for many reasons. I think they bring out more creativity in the hands of little ones and they also hold up better against multiple children - like mine.

HABA has introduced a new few items to the market and I was really interested in the Building Blocks First Letter Fun. My daughter loves to build and stack and we are trying to get her prepared for school.  I knew that fact the blocks featured letters would make for some great practice. Not only do these quality wooden blocks feature letters ( on each side of the cube) but unlike your typical soft wood ABC blocks - there are also blank blocks featuring a chalk board like material. I LOVE this! On these blocks your child is able to write a letter themselves, using the provided chalk. These blocks have come along way passed the traditional ABC blocks most of us probably had as children.  With bright vivid colors, sturdy wood cubed construction and fun write on blocks.
We have been playing a 'game' in which I lay down say A,B & C , then a blank block - My daughter then fills in what comes next. This has been very helpful in teaching her the correct way to draw her letters along with a simple lesson in before and after. The next step will be word construction. With the help of the blank blocks you can even allow words to grow vertically.
 I have to admit we received these right before her birthday, so she received the box for her birthday. My brothers and myself monopolized the blocks and played who can stack them higher. I will put out there that I am the champ! But I think this goes to show even big 'kids' can get creative with HABA.

Buy It: Purchase this set containing 30 cubes (4 of which can be written on), 2 pieces of chalk and 1 sponge (cloth) for the SRP of 58$. Check out more HABA fun at
Recommended for ages 2 – 6. I would say this recommended age is right on target.

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Closer to Lucy said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I dunno who is cuter...lil girl with her blocks or her mommy playing with them :)

Pam said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Are you sure you and your brothers didn't get those blocks for yourselves? :)

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