Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Got Swagbucks?

Have you signed up for swagbucks and started earning points for prizes? With Swagbucks.com you earn virtual currency for doing everyday tasks on the Internet. Do you search the web, shop online, submit polls, complete surveys, offers and so much more? Why not sign up for swagbucks and earn while you browse. With 12 ways to earn, the point you earn are endless

With these 12 ways you can earn tons of prizes at Swagbucks.com
Web Searches
Watching Videos
Shopping your favorite retailers
Completing surveys
Participating in polls
Completing special task
Trade In's
Inviting Friends
Clipping coupons
Special online offers
playing games

I have been a member for about two years, swagbucks has never cost me a dime, yet I have been able to trade in my points for some awesome prizes. I have come to love the optional Swagbucks toolbar which allows you to really rack up the point while preforming everyday searches. So signup and start earning these amazing prizes today from swagbucks.com. For only 450SB you can grab a 5$ Amazon.com card or how about a 10$ Home Depot Gift card for 1249 SB!
That is just the beginning  trade in your points for millions of prize options at the Swagbucks Store - From Gitcards, to flat screen T.V's toy and more! What will you earn today?


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