Wednesday, August 17, 2011

AmeriSleep - Which is the right bed for you

When we made our move form New York to Florida a few years ago, we started over fresh, and left all our big furnishings behind. I'm still trying to figure out if that was the smart choice to have made. We had so much to buy, that when it came down to a new bed for us, we went the cheap route. After all, we were thinking how much could we sacrifice buying the cheapest mattress in the showroom? Let me tell you how much! Three years later we wake up every morning with severe back pain, I can barely fall asleep at all anymore. In fact my husband has awoke many of nights to find me on the floor - because it actually feels better then our mattress.

Everytime we go to purchase a new bed something we deem more important arises. Well this year there will be no stopping us. We don't want, but rather NEED, a new bed. I recently came across featuring not just standard mattresses but memory foam, adjustable beds and more.

Their Memory Foam Mattress really had my sold. One of my main problems at night is resting comfortably in the hot Florida heat - The eco-friendly memory foam is "temperature neutral" so you won't get hot like a lot of other memory foam mattress users have complained about. Memory foam also conforms to better to your body providing a more restful nights sleep. The Revere Bed was one which really stood out to me. I think it was spinal support that I know me and my husband both really need, that called out too me.

AmeriSleep also offers a wide variety of adjustable beds. I love the idea of an adjustable bed since I like to sleep slightly elevated and am for sure a in bed T.V watcher. You should see the stack of pillows I have to keep my back supported, while I'm watch television. I haven't had the time to research adjustable beds the way I would like, but after going over some of the features on adjustable beds like the Ergo Star Invincible at AmeriSleep - An adjustable is right at the top of my list when we purchase a new bed. Would you believe this bed gives you a head to toe massage! I better really think about that though, because I may never get up.

If your looking for quality, affordability and a Superior brand check out and compare them to the leading brand yourself. I'm sure you will notice the money you save without sacrificing the quality. AmeriSleep beds are also made with eco-friendly memory foam right here in the USA.

What kinds of mattresses do you own?  How do you feel about a memory foam mattress?

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