Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tec Labs Summer Survival Kit Review and Giveaway

Tec Labs has come up with a few Summer essential I am happy to share with you. Summer is now in full swing and most of us are spending more and more time outdoors. Unfortunately will all nature's beauty also comes the bad things like Poison Ivy, Sumac and Oak.

These three skin irritating plants are found all across the U.S.A and produce a itching, irritating rash in three out of four people. With four kids at home it's always a good idea to keep those essential " Just incase" supplies ready like Techu Original Outdoor Skin cleanser which removes the rash causing oil and urushiol from poison ivy, Oak and sumac.
Technu can be used in two ways. When you know you may have come in contact with the plants you can use it to remove the oil and help prevent a rash, or if you have the rash you can remove the oil to keep the rash from spreading.

I find as a Mom must cuts and scraps happen over the summer when the kids are out running, jumping climbing etc. Staphasepic is a great sting free pain reliever as well as a First Aid Antiseptic. This is a product we have been frequent users of. My kids love it because it is pain free, I love it because it helps prevent infections in those dirty outdoor cuts typically my boys wonder in the house with.

Last we have Licefreee. The word lice alone gives me the chills. Luckily we have been able to keep our home lice fre,e but I am particularly nervous now that I have a girl. I know the chances of her getting it when she begins school with all that long hair are much greater then my boys and their shaved heads, or at least this is what I keep getting told.

Licefree Everyday Shampoo replaces everyday shampoo and is a great lice preventive. Licefree is perfect for use after treatment of head lice has been complete, to prevent a recurring infestation. It's also perfect for use by the rest of the family to prevent Lice from spreading.

I will be happy to use it as an everyday shampoo when my daughter starts school to help prevent head lice infestation.

I wanted to share a few facts I learned about Lice. Some of which I was previously unaware of especially the first fact.

  • Head lice can obviously effect anyone, but did you know they prefer clean hair!
  • Eggs look like small grains of rice and hatch in 7 to 10 days. The eggs are firmly attached to the hair shaft.
  • Off the scalp, adult head lice rarely survive beyond 36 hours
  • Lice move quick and shy away from light, especially during a head check
  • Head lice DO NOT fly or jump. They are passed through direct contact. Teach your child not to share brushes, hats, hair clips, headphones, clothing, helmets etc
Head Lice is more of a nuisance then a health hazard. Play it safe though and watch children for head itching, sores on the scalp, neck and ears. In severe case swollen lymph glands. Head lice may also cause loss of sleep, shortened attention span and depression. Head over to the newly launched "Keeping Kids Lice Free" campaign on Facebook, for more valuable tips on treatment an prevention.

Buy It: All of these products can be purchased at local drug stores and other retailers near you. You can also purchase these products from the Tec Labs website

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