Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fotobounce - Store and Share Photo's Safely

For anyone that knows me, it's plain to see I love taking pictures. What I am horrible at is printing them or storing to DVD. I can't even tell you how many photo's I have lost for good because I had to wipe out my computer for one reason or another. My youngest son has almost NO baby photo's. I took a million but never printed them, I just stored them to my PC - once that crashed I was left with nothing.

Now a days I post way to may pics to Facebook, not really to share but because I know if anything happens to my computer they will be safe there. However this is always my best option since I don't want to share everything there.

Fotobounce is a secure photo sharing program. After a quick download (Approx. 5 minutes) I was ready to go. Fotobounce makes it easy to upload your photos and keeps them store for you so heaven forbid your computer crashes your photos are safe.

Fotobounce gives it users control of their photos and albums and who has access to view them. All transmissions of photos and associated data are encrypted with 128-bit SSL . You can be secure in knowing no one can access your photos with out permission. And by creating a network of "bouncers" you can share your photos with Friends and family across the globe. You can even see when "bouncers" are online and browse their photo's.

I have a lot of photo's stored on my computer at the moment and was happy to see that they were automatically found in Fotobounce in a matter of seconds. They were also listed by month and year!

I already told you I like to share "most" photo's on Facebook - Well Fotobounce lets you easily transfer picture to sites like Facebook, Twitter and more. Using facial recognition technology, Fotobounce also starts remember faces and will tag the photos for you. You can send them over to Facebook, tags included!

With four kids I need all the help I can get with storing and sharing photos. I love the secure features and convenience of Fotobounce. And of course downloading the software is free, and the Ad free version costs just 49$

Head on over and check out Fotobounce for yourself and take advantage of it's multiple features. You can even access Fotobounce from your mobile phone, for quick access! Fotobounce promises to be a bright new solution, to your photo storing and sharing needs.

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I can't tell you how many time I deleted my picture myself, on accident. This looks interesting

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New follower - just wanted to stop by & say hello. :)

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