Monday, June 27, 2011

Stylish Bratz Rock Dolls

A few months ago we were sent a little extra something in form of a Bratz Doll form MGA Entertainment!

My daughter enjoyed it so much I couldn't pass up a little post about it. Gianna was sent Yasmin. Always open-minded - Yasmin loves to explore alternative trends in fashion, fitness and beauty! She can be a little quiet, but even without opening her mouth you can sense she's special. The talented writer and aspiring pop-star really blossoms when she hits the stage. Feminine, glamorous, and graceful, there's just something about her.

Bratz Rock Doll Yasmin, came with everything a girl could need to be a rocking princess... With an awesome guitar, brush and two "silly bands".
 What I really love was how easy she was for my daughter to handle. What I mean by that is (as strange as it sounds) you can remove her feet, which are always covered in a shoes. This makes it easy for little hands to dress the doll and of course to switch there shoes. I remember struggling as a girl with shoe that never stayed on I would get so frustrated! This doesn't happen with Bratz unique design.

For the quality of doll and all the fun accessories these dolls make a great gift for children age 6 and up as recommended by the manufacturer. My daughter however is 3 and plays great with it!

Buy It: Purchase Bratz Rock Dolls for about 16.99 at Target, Amazon, Walmart and more!

.Disclosure: Bratz Doll was sent to my free of charge from MGA Entertainment. Opinions in the post are 100% mine. See full disclosure in my navigation bar


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