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Nickelodeon Favorites: Big Box of Play Dates, Vol. 2

I have to say when Nickelodeon Favorites: Big Box of Play Dates, Vol. 2, showed up in out mailbox just in time for summer, I could have been more excited..for my daughter that is.

This 3 disc collection of great Nick Jr titles:We Love Our Friends, Sisters and Brothers and Summer Vacation, featuring Dora, Diego, Blues Clues, Wonder Pets, Ni hao, Kai-lan, and Yo Gabba Gabba episodes is great summer entertainment for the little Nick fan in your life.

Celebrate siblings as you meet baby brothers and sisters, feel the love of good friends, and go on exciting summer vacations with Dora, Diego and loads of other great Nick Jr pals.

Episode list/ Synopsis:
Nickelodeon Favorites: We Love Our Friends

Dora the Explorer :Best Friends
Boots and Dora are meeting for a picnic to celebrate Best Friends Day. Boots is bringing chocolate, and Dora is bringing yummy strawberries. It’s up to the viewer to help the two best friends meet at Rainbow Rock.

Go, Diego, Go! :Sammy’s Valentine
It’s Valentine’s Day! Little Sammy the Sloth is worried his Valentine to Lulu the Sloth will not reach her on time because he is slow. Diego and Sammy head off on a special trip to deliver the Valentine before the sun goes down.

The Wonder Pets!: Save the Lovebugs! -Save the Skunk Rocker
In “Save the Lovebugs!,” the Wonder Pets travel to the Florida Everglades to reunite a pair of quarreling Lovebugs. In “Save the Skunk Rocker,” the Wonder Pets get a call from a Skunk Rocker who needs to find a band to play with him.

Yo Gabba Gabba: Love
The characters learn about loving different things like flowers, birds, animals and each other.

Blue’s Clues: Love Day
A mystery card floats into Joe’s hands and everyone plays Blue’s Clues to find out whom it’s from.

Ni Hao, Kai-lan: Playtime at Tolee’s
Kai-lan and Rintoo go over to play with Tolee in his tree house. While playing, Rintoo accidently rips his new painting and Tolee doesn’t want to forgive him. Kai-lan shows Tolee why it is important to forgive.

Nickelodeon Favorites: Sisters and Brothers

Dora the Explorer: Big Sister Dora
Dora has some really exciting news that a baby will soon be joining her family.

Go, Diego, Go!: To Babysit a Bobo
The Bobos are on their way to the Spider Monkey Fiesta with their three new baby Bobo sisters. And as the Bobos search for fruit for the party, the restless Bobo sisters speed off into the forest to look for fruit without them.

Blue’s Clues:The Baby’s Here
While waiting for Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper to call from the hospital with news that the new baby has arrived, Paprika prepares to be a big sister. Looking at baby books gives everyone a chance to learn about what they were like when they were younger.

The Wonder Pets! :KalamaZoo! / Back to KalamaZoo!
Ming-Ming visits her Aunt Eleanora at the local petting zoo during a school holiday. Eleanora asks Ming-Ming to take care of her toddler cousin, Marvin, for the afternoon. Ming-Ming thinks this will be a “piece-of-cake” but Marvin proves to be quite a spirited little Duck. Ming-Ming finds the patience and compassion to take care of Marvin.

Ni Hao, Kai-lan:Hoho’s Big Flight
On the day of the big lantern festival to celebrate the end of Chinese New Year, YeYe gives Kai-lan some lanterns for her and her friends to decorate. When Hoho’s lantern flies away, he jumps on it and everyone chases to get him down.

Nickelodeon Favorites: Summer Vacation

Dora the Explorer :Baby Crab
Dora and Boots are having a blast at the beach when all of a sudden they hear a call for help. A baby crab has gotten stuck in a net on his way to bring his mother a present.

Go, Diego, Go!:Panchita the Prairie Dog
At the Rescue Ranch, Diego and Alicia find Panchita, a Mexican Prairie Dog who needs to find a nice grassy prairie for her family. Diego and Alicia turn Rescue Pack into a wagon and head out with Panchita and her nine brothers and sisters.

The Wonder Pets!:Save the Hermit Crab / Save the Dolphin
The Wonder Pets take a break from their vacation in Cancun to help a Hermit Crab who has outgrown his shell. Afterwards, the Wonder Pets travel to Hawaii to save a Young Dolphin who has gotten caught in a fisherman’s net.

Blue’s Clues: Blue’s Big Car Trip
Blue’s Clues is hitting the road! Blue puts her booster seat in Carmen, an animated talking car and sets off on a journey. Along the way, they enjoy buckling up, singing songs and using the sights out the window to play interactive games.

Yo Gabba Gabba!:Summer
All the characters in Gabba Land enjoy fun outdoor activities and learn about taking turns.

Ni Hao, Kai-lan:The Hula Duck Dance Party
Kai-lan is going to a party at the Hula’s Ducks’ new island beach house, but when the party games lead to Rintoo having to sit out each time, he starts to cry. Kai-lan, Rintoo and Hoho need help to figure out a new way to play so no one is left out.

With 17 total fun filled educational episode your child is sure to love this boxed set packed with their favorites! Since my daughter can watch one movie on repeat for weeks with out getting tired of it..I'm sure this boxed set will last us at least through the summer providing daily entertainment.

Buy It: Available where videos are sold on July 21st, 2011Street Date: June 21, 2011 for the SRP of $36.99

DVD Combined Running Time: Approximately 417 Minutes

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