Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dora The Explorer: Dora's Big Party Pack

Keep you little Nick Jr Fan entertained all Summer Long with Nick's soon to be released Dora The Explorer: Dora's Big Party Pack three disc box set! It's a non-stop party, packed with surprises and more. The box set is also set to include a Dora and Diego recipe card - while supplies last. Dora's Big Birthday Adventure also includes special guest starts Rosie Perez, John Leguizamo and Hector Elizondo.

Dora's Big Party Pack Episode Synopses:

Disc 1 - Dora's Big Birthday Adventure

Epiosde 1: Dora's Big Birthday Adventure
A Twisting wind has blown Dora and boots into wizzle world, a land located in the Magic Storybook. Dora and Boots can not return home from the Magic Story Book without  first bringing Dora's crystal to the Wishing Wizard, so he can wish them home in time for Dora's birthday party. 

Episode 2: Dora Helps the Birthday Wizzle
Dora is reading a story about a Birthday Wizzle who could make birthday wishes come true. Today is the Birthday Wizzle's birthday and his turn to make a wish. A wind comes in a blows his wand right out of the book, now Dora must jump into the book and return his wand.

Episode 3 Wizzle Wishes:
Dora and Boots meet cute little Wizzle who lost his bag of wishes and can't get home. Dora and Boots set off in search of the lost wishes, but their friends keep finding the wishes first and now their wishes got everyone in trouble!

Disc 2- Super Silly Fiesta

Episode 1: Super Silly fiesta
Dora and Boots are invited to the Big Silly chicken's Super Silly Fiesta. The Big Red Chicken loses the cake for his party so Dora and Boots set off to save the fiesta.

Episode 2: Boots' Special Day
Today, Boots gets to do anything he wants because it is his special day!

Episode 3: Stuck Trunk
When Ice Cream Truck gets stuck in the mud at Play Park, Dora and Boots are off to his rescue.

Episode 4: The Big Potato
Benny the Bull finds a magic wand and turns himself into a potato by mistake, It's is up to Dora and Boot to bring their friend to a young Wizard to have him changed back.

Disc 3- It's a Party!

Episode 1: Daisy, la Quinceanera
It's Dora's cousin Daisy's quinceanera! The party can't start until Dora and Boots teach everyone the Mambo.

Episode 2: The Big Pinata
Dora and Boots are trying to win a Big Pinata. They need to collect yellow tickets by playing carnival games

Episode 3: Surprise!
It's Boots birthday, but Benny the Bull is stuck on a hot air balloon that is leaking and floating toward the lake. Dora and Boots set off to save their friend.

Episode 4: The Fix It machine
Boots has a hole in his boot but Dora know what to do. The Super Duper Fix-It Machine can fix it!

Buy It: Purchase Dora The Explorer: Dora's Big Party Pack for the SRP of 24.99 on July 12, 2011 whew videos are sold.

DVD Running Time: Approx: 291 minutes

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