Monday, May 16, 2011

If you entered a giveaway the evening of 5/11 of 5/12

So it's no secret blogger went down Thursday and post and comments were lost for some. I was able to get my post back but have still not regained my comments. Blogger says most blogs are fixed and I am left with a bad feeling that my comments are forever lost. I apologize to those of you who took the time to entered only to have your comments vanish.

I'm not sure how long Blogger was running on 5/12 but if you entered any giveaways the evening of 5/11 ( Wednesday) and possible Thursday morning chances are your comments are gone, and you need to re enter. I know the Applebees Giveaway is down almost 200 comments and Belly Charms about 30. The rest of the giveaways I wasn't sure of a number, so I'm not sure how many were lost from them.
I also noticed a lot of tweets, for daily entries while blogger was down. If you have not already please feel free to take your entry for Thursday and re enter any giveaways your comments are missing from. If they come back they come back, and I'll deal with that at that time. In the mean time I have a giveaways to close out and ones ending soon. I can't keep holding off.

This was all beyond my control and I apologize to my readers and Sponsors as well. I also apologize to anyone who joined Thursday's hop whose follow I did not return, since your comment was deleted. Feel free to leave me a message and I will.


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