Thursday, May 19, 2011

Help Make Her Dream Come True

Some of you may remember me asking for votes for a fellow blogger friend on ecomom's Healthy home Makeover. Well she didn't win but at least another well deserving family did. However Ecomom was generous enough to still help out some of the families, still in need by setting up a Twitter party and fundraisers.

One of those families is my friend Carmen. Carmen is the parent of a special needs child. Her daughter spends most of her time in her wheelchair or on the floor. Carmen dreams of hardwood floors to make it easier for her daughter to get around, along with it being more sanitary.
 My own Aunt spent her life in a wheelchair so I understand how important it is for Carmen to provide her sweet little girl, any benefits that can make her life easier.

Unfortunately as you can imagine hardwood flooring is not cheap, ex specially in today's economy.

Ecomom still has a donation page set up to help Carmen achieve her dream for her daughter. I know how much this would improve her daughters life, so I am passionate about it.

Trust me I know most of us are under going our own hardships as well, but it would be great if you could donate even a dollar to help a fellow blogger  improve life for her daughter.

You can donate through the Go Fund site ecomom has set up for the family


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Muah! 1000 times ty.

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Following along from today's hop.

Thanx for hosting!


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