Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Green family trip for spring break

Guest post written by Cathy Hansen

I'm trying ot change the way that I think about things so that I can use green habits in my everyday life. I'm always trying to teach my kids to think that way too. So when I asked my kids what they wanted to do for summer break this year, my son said that he wanted to do something for summer break. Well, that gave me the idea for us to stay in a green hotel.

When I was looking online to find a hotel that's green for us to stay at, I came across the website Shopelectricityratestexas.com. I read through it a little bit and after that, I signed our household up for one of the energy plans that I found on there that will help our home run more efficiently.

Well, I found a green hotel for our green family trip and I'm also looking up some restaurants and other things in the area that are sustainable too. I'm glad that we chose Boston for our trip so that we can do a lot of walking and riding the subway to get around the city.

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