Monday, April 25, 2011

Needing A Change?

I am one of those people always looking for a change. I get bored very quickly at least where home decor is concerned. My children's bedrooms could really use some updating, starting with my daughters room. I'm happy with the wall colors she is just in desperate need of some "big girl" furniture. I would love to upgrade her to a nice twin size captains bed, with some new bedding from seventeen bedding. They have some really nice simple set that would match the "style" of her room perfectly.  My husband says I am getting a head of myself but I was also thinking of getting her a nice bedroom vanity set. They have some great vanity sets for little girls, but I was thinking of maybe a less pricier version, of a more adult bedroom vanity set might be a better investment, since it something that can grow with her.

Now my boys room I'm really stuck on. They have these horrible red walls ( that of course they just love) covered with random posters. Their bunk beds are less then a year old and are already broken. I think my first plan of attack is to find quality bunk beds with stairs, like this beautiful set.

I think the stairs effect looks nicer and will hold up much better then the traditional ladder. Although with my boys who knows! This is one product I learned the hard way I can't be cheap on. I'm also hoping once they have a nice new bedroom set they may reconsider their bedroom color choice, and we can go with a softer blue or green..... anything but the red!

Do you like change in your home? Are you a frequent redecorator? I wish I had the means to redecorate monthly lol, wishful thinking I know. Sometime though just a few added touches and rearranging the furniture can make a world of difference, don't you think?


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I would just like to have more space in my home. Right now redecorating consists of rearranging and decluttering hoping to get everything to fit better. That is a really neat bunk bed. I will keep that in mind for when my girls are older for sure.

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