Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gurene Steam Mop Review

A few years ago I was all about getting a steam mop, and probably would have if my Mother didn't by one first. She was nice enough to let me test drive it so to say, before I purchased my own. Needless to say I wasn't overly impressed. Since I have had children, I won't use traditional mops either, I feel they just simply push the dirt around. So for more years then I can count, every other day I am on my hand and knees with a bucket of water and nasty old bleach scrubbing down the floors. I figured that was pretty much what the rest of life held in store for me, since nothing else truly cleaned my floors like I did.

I recently got the opportunity form ABC Vacuum Warehouse to check out the Gruene Steam Mop. This Mop is not just a steam mop though, this Mop converts into a hand steamer with ten attachments all for about the same prices and a regular steam mop!  I have to be honest when I say beside the fact of the included hand steamer I didn't expect it to out preform any other similar Mops. I will be the first to admit when I am wrong, and I was WRONG!

The Gruene Steam Mop is a chemical free way to deep steam your floors, kill germs and tackle through tough grim. Simple fill with water wait a few second and you'll have steam at your fingertips ( so to say). I was impressed with how much dirt this mop picked up even after a old fashion hands and knees scrubbing by me. I also would spend ten to fifteen minutes scrubbing out scuff marks and crayon which usually also required the help of Brillo. A few passes with the Gruene Steam Mop and these marks were no more. What would take me almost an hour to clean now takes only a matter of minutes.

The Gruene Steam Mop has a reusable mop pad which is incredible simple to remove and re-attach. When your done washing your floors simply toss it in the washer. The Gruene Mop also comes with a great reusable pad for hard wood floors as well, and if for some reason you misplace the mop head you can simply insert a terry cloth hand towel as a mop pad for the same great cleaning experience.

So once I was done cleaning up my floors, which I HAVE to mention the fact that my husband even a noticed that the floors looked cleaner..I moved on to the hand steamer. With 10 attachments the cleaning possiblities are endless. I steam cleaned the bathroom mirrors, all the gross areas behind the toilets, the toilet seat, the sinks, the hard buildup on the faucets which powered  off with ease and to my surprise it was even powerful enough to steam the dirt out from my grout. I was utterly amazed when I seen the dirt come out form my grout, this was dirt I assumed to be ground in and non-removable at this point.

Gruene Steam Mop also dries almost as fast as you go. This Mom and Pet owner give the Gruene Steam Mop and A+ for ease, convenience, germ killing power, with out the use of harsh chemicals and most of all ,for getting me off my hands and knees finally, and giving me a better cleaning option. The only difficulty I had was keeping the attachment tray attached to the back of the mop, which wasn't a big issue. I just keep the "tray" under my kitchen sink and attach it when I'm doing heavy duty cleaning and require  the use of a few different attachments.

Buy It: purchase the Gruene Steam Mop from ABC Vacuum Warehouse for 159.99 *Ships Free*

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Our Village is a Little Different said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks for the great review. I'm looking for a good steam mop, I'll keep this one in mind.

Laura said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks for stopping by my blog. This mop looks pretty cool. I've never tried a steam one before.

B. Wilson said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You liked the mop? My friend bought one and found them overrated. I looove how organic they are with little/no cleaning product myself.

Crystal said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I liked THIS mop! I have tried other steam mops and was not a fan..I honestly thought I would hate this one as well but it surprised me. I just did the garage with it today..This is gross but my dogs mistake the garage for outdoors and always pee in there I couldn't get out the smell until I used the steamer today..I could get over it

Carolyn Colley said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This looks really neat, but I wonder does it really do all they say. Thanks

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