Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Real quick update!

I know I have like 6 winners to post, I promise I will get there. I have been having a crazy week! The kids finally went back to school today so it's back to devoting at least two hours to homework time and I have their birthday party to prepare for this weekend..Oh did I mention my house is trashed!! I'm trying to keep up on here and get what I need done around the house but I'm slacking in both areas.

I just received the Country Side Cottage form Step2 ( review to come) and realized when I locked my dog in the garage so he didn't try and eat the poor delivery guy (lol) That she thought it would be OK to Pee every place in there! So instead of picking winners I had to drag the heavy cottage to the yard still boxed but all other review items to come in the attic, so they don't get pee soaked and scrub out the garage.

 Last night I had the smart idea to finish painting Gia's  stripes on here wall from an old review and I trashed her room. Now I must go put that back together..Forget about the mounting laundry and dishes AHHH.

I am go to try real hard to get some scheduled posts going for the bash since I will be busy cleaning and baking Friday, Sat is the party and Sunday we hit the fair...Please bare with me I'm trying :)

Thanks for sticking with me this far. As always if a giveaway isn't removed form the list or mark closed you can continue to enter.

I also just realized I have topic a spotlight blog for tonight/tomorrows hop and set up a wordless wednesday..I need more time. Can anyone help with that..lol


B. Wilson said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

It sounds like you're a busy person. Just remember to relax a bit. After all, they're just walls-- knowing I'd be hysterical if I messed them up!

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