Monday, January 17, 2011

New Prince Lionheart Versa Formula Mixer Review And Giveaway CLOSED

As a Part Of the Prince Lionheart Elite Writers Team I get the chance to introduce you to some amazing products, hot of the presses so to say.

I was sent Princes Lionheart's new Formula mixer. Let me tell you as a formula feeding Mom what an amazing tool this is. It great for not only baby, but Mommy and Daddy too! Let me first start off by telling you a little more about the Versa Formula Mixer before I tell you more about my thoughts.

The Versa Formula mixer is a dual purpose tool perfect for baby and family, equipped with two interchangeable attachments. One attachment quickly blends formula and powdered drinks inside a bottle, while the other tool quickly froths the milk in Mommy's coffee. It the perfect size for portability, for those on the go. The Versa formula mixer requires two AA batteries.

Now on to what this Mom thinks. As I said I was and will always be an exclusive formula feeding Mom. As a quick disclaimer that was just my personal choice and am proud of all Moms know manner how they choose to feed their baby.
So as a formula feeding Mom, formula can become pricey and it was always more economical to purchase powder formula over the liquid. The only downside I could ever find with powdered formula was, shaking AND shaking that bottle  to get rid of the lumps. And of course there was always some powder left stuck to the bottom of the bottle, that I learned to live with.
 Well with the Versa formula mixer you no longer have to worry about shaking until your are falls off. Simple place the mixing "head" on the Versa tool, place in the bottle, turn on and mix. With a blender type "twister rotation" inside the bottle the Versa quickly makes those lumps and bottom gunk disappear for a fast, easy and convenient alternative to a fresh mixed and made bottle.

The thought I really love behind the Versa Mixer is that they kept in mind the whole family with one tool. With the "frothing head" I can instantly mix myself a perfectly blended coffee...I think at first try my exact words to my husband was "Wow it really does froth the coffee", even regular coffee and milk. Another great use is powdered chocolate milk! The only way I can get my older kids to drink their milk is by adding in some chocolate powder, but again your usually left with those lumps in your milk...Which to be honest, kind of gross me out. Now I  just whip out my Versa and can enjoy along with my kids, a nice "smooth" glass of chocolate milk.

Overall I have to say I am very happy with this product. The only Con I would tell you about is really my own fault. Place the mixer in the drink before turning on...Ya I really turned it on first and then stuck it in my coffee...Can you see where I am going with this lol. I had done it with the bottle first and I guess do to the smaller opening it didn't create "flying formula" as it did with the coffee. Hopefully most of you would be smarter then me any how, and realize you should always place the product inside the cup or bottle and then turn it on. Yes I had a ahh hhhaa moment ;)

But It: You can purchase the Versa Formula Mixer for only 7.00$ here at Makes a perfect gift for a new Mom!

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