Thursday, December 30, 2010

Xbox Kinect Your Shape- Fitness Evolved Review

I went for my yearly check up recently and was asked how much I exercise, and kind of laughed. I don't exercise I don't have the time or motivation I told her. I also thought being a "small" girl there was no real need for me to exercise..You exercise to lose weight right? Wrong you also exercise to keep you body and heart healthy..Who knew. But was this new really going to motivate me probably not.

When I got the Your Shape- Fitness Evolved Game, I was excited to try it out simply because I love reviewing video games but I wasn't sure I actually enjoy a Fitness game.

Let me tell you the Your Shape- Fitness Evolved game for Kinect is great and just what I needed to give me a kick! It's fun, motivating and actually works.

You can play alone or with a partner. You have the option of working with a personal trainer, taking a variety of classes, or getting the entire family involved with fun mini-games, such as dancing and hula hooping.
I first started with my personal trainer. The game "scans" you body measuring your height, arm and leg length etc. You enter our weight and age and it sets your routine for your goals and capabilities. With the added Kinect feature there you are on screen working out. As you improve the game also evolves with you and your goals and work out intensities will change to keep you challenged.

I think my favorite was the cardio boxing, and boy what a work out I got. I was shocked when after an intense work out ( at least for me) I had burned a whopping 8 calories! Who knew how much it took to burn off a calorie.
What I like was the fun factor to the game. It WAS a work out but it was fun and kept me engaged. Working side by side with my trainer mimicking their movements or having fun with my kids trying to beat each others hula hoop scores.

Buy It: If your looking for a fun workout that will have you wanting to workout some more pick up the new Evolve Fit Game only for Xbox 360 and Kinect. MSRP 49.99 available at most major retailers and on

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