Friday, November 5, 2010

Santa's Hot List Reviews- Down To Earth Toys

There is something so special about wooden toys. The uniqueness to each toy, the smell of the wood, durability that allows them to be past down to younger siblings.
Down To Earth Toys is a Mom run business, specializing in carrying quality wooden toys for children.
At Down To Earth toys they make every effort to bring to their consumers only the best in natural and organic toys. You know I love saying I like my children to step away from the batteries occasionally and let their imaginations go wild. And that is exactly what Down To Earths natural toys do, bring your child back to times of imagination.

Did you know that over 90% of Down To Earth Toys are manufactured right here in the U.S.A, with non toxic finishes. You know with Down To Earth toys you will never have to worry about that "toxic" recall from another country whose manufacturing and safety standards are not as high as our own.

We got the chance to review a the Natural Skittles Bowling Game from Down To Earth. The pins and bowl were beautiful crafted and made of solid birch. Each Skittles bowling game contains nine natural 5" pins, one twin-striped headpin, two balls (1/4"), a cloth storage bag, and instructions for numerous ancient to modern games. 
I think what I really loved was that they came unfinished. Your child can design these pins however they see fit. They can use crayons, marker, paints ( non-toxic of course), or whatever else the desire. I am SO mad at myself because my children did a great job over the weekend creating a traditional pin like style with red and white paints just so I could show it of fin this post. We worked on them with a friend and left them to dry along with my MEMORY CARD! I'm going to update you because I think they did such a creative job I really want to share.

Keep in mind this holiday season if you prefer more natural toys that Down To Earth Toys does truly offer a great quality selection from baby toys, to children's toys and even children's furniture.

Buy It: Purchase The Natural Skittles Bowling Game online from Down To Earth Toys for $24.99

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. Products in this review were provided at no cost for review purpose only and in no way influenced my opinion. The views and opinions of above product(s) are mine and yours may differ. Full disclosure policy here.


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Great site! I love wood toys. They are made with such quality

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Great website, wooden toys are my favorite!
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