Sunday, November 28, 2010

Santa's Hot List - Honeywell MyChime Review

This Holiday season we have really been put into the Holiday spirit with the MyChime wireless door chime from Honeywell.

This Chime is so much fun and simple to use. How can a door chime be fun you might ask? This is no ordinary door bell. The MyChime features sound cards that you insert into the Chime. When someone rings your bell instead of a traditional ding dong, you get a Christmas song. Each card holds about 5 different tunes so with each push of the button a different song is played to greet your visitors.
The MyChime doesn't stop at Christmas. Honeywell’s door chimes bring fun year-round: Cheering Crowd for Superbowl, Take Me Out to the Ballgame for baseball’s opening day and many spooky tones for Halloween.

You can learn and "hear" more about Honeywell chimes by checking out this video.
MyChime is super easy to install and again wireless and battery operated. It has a range of 150FT. Installation takes about 5 minutes. Simply insert the batteries, sound card and mount. The MyChime also comes with stick up adhesive if you prefer that to a more permanent route. We used the adhesive and it's super strong. Even the outdoor portion which had been rung a zillion times and rained on is still holding up with force.

The MyChime from Honeywell comes with seven (7) tunes pre-loaded into the chime memory, or you can add one of the four (4) pre-recorded sound card themes from Honeywell. Your 4 choices included Holiday, Sports, Christmas, and Halloween themed cards (Sold Separately)
We have had so much fun with this. My husband and children have a little to much fun by forming a line every time they enter and exit the house to press the button. It has become a ritual of sorts that everyone must press the button to play at least one song EACH before leaving or entering..I think they like to drive Mommy insane. It is fun to hear and guest love it as well. I'm always getting compliments on it.
Buy It: You can purchase the Mychime for about 49.96 at Prices strating as low as 20$ for additional Chimes by honeywell.

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