Saturday, November 20, 2010

Goblin Kids Review and Giveaway CLOSED

As a woman born and raised in Europe, Goblin Kids developer became a custom to the quality wooden toys produced in Europe. When she relocated to the states for schooling she soon met her husband and had her own family. It was after the birth of her son she realized how much she missed the quality of wooden toys and how different the plastic toys marketed in the U.S  were compared to those of Europe. She at that point decided to rid her son of the plastic toys and introduce more quality toys like those produced in Europe.
European toys are not only made of natural materials but also natural finishes that you can feel confident giving to the youngest of children. The toys are further crafted in a way that they encourage the imagination, creativity, and development of fine motor skills so important during each age group.

After a few children and many dollars in toys spent. I also began to see the value in wooden toys because these toy were the only ones that were still around and had been passed down from child to child.

For my review I went with the Gourmet Chef Cuisine from Educo. Now Gianna has a few plastic "food sets" from last Christmas. What she has left is squished and deformed from overall wear, her brother being rough, food being run over by everything and anything you can imagine. You know what with the wooden Chef Cuisine set I don't have to worry about that.

The Gourmet Chef Cuisine Set comes included with essential food items. A loaf of bread, cutting board, knife, a carrot, turnip, eggplant and mushrooms, some cheese, eggs, bread slices and a tomato.

Whats really cool is these items can be sliced apart like a real Chef. The inner slices have a strong Velcro hold and when you slide the knife through they slice right up.
They are fun, function able, get the child's imagination involved and best yet I won't be throwing it out in a month because it's broke!

This set was Designed in Switzerland. Made of wood coated with safe, non-toxic paints and finishes. Suitable for children ages 3+

You can find lots of quality toys at Goblin Kids as well as great brands like Haba, Educo and many more.

Buy It: Purchase the Gourmet Chef Cuisine Set for 19.99 at Goblin Kids.

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