Friday, October 15, 2010

U.S Cellular Release and Friday Follows

Happy Friday all! Guess what tomorrow is?? My birthday. All though I am rather unexcited about that. I started my yearly crying ritual early this year. I have no idea why I hate birthday's so much but I do. I guess the idea of getting older scares me because I truly feel like I'm still 16 and I'm really not sure if that is a good or bad thing. I'm sure tomorrow will inspire my I'm depressed it's my birthday post So I won't start boring you already ;-)

Anyways it's Friday so it of course is time for Friday hops and I also wanted to share with you a little about a new cell company for the U.S readers.

Us Cellular is a new company striving to make costumer happier with Cell phone service, plans, and policies.
Here is a little about what they offer...

Contracts. U.S. Cellular is the first carrier to eliminate the need for post-pay customers to continuously sign contracts. With the new “One and Done” contract policy, new customers who fulfill an initial two-year commitment with U.S. Cellular never have to sign a contract again.

-Rewards. U.S. Cellular has developed a rewards system called Belief Points, unique to the cellular industry. Loyal customers have become accustomed to new customers getting the best deals. At U.S. Cellular, all post-pay customers can earn Belief Points simply for being a customer. The points can be redeemed for such things as phone upgrades, additional lines, accessories and ringtones. Customers are automatically enrolled and start receiving points when they sign up for any U.S. Cellular Belief Plan. There are no fees, blackout dates or expiration, and points are easy to redeem in-store, online or by calling customer service. Belief Points are earned based on a customer’s monthly plan, the number of lines on the account, and how long they’ve been a customer.

-Overages. U.S. Cellulars plans put caps on what you can be charged for overages, and Belief Points can be used for forgiveness of overages.

-Replacement phones. Customers who bring in their accidentally broken or malfunctioning phone can get a replacement of the same or a similar model – even if the phone is no longer under warranty.

-Upgrades. one of the most common frustrations for wireless customers has been waiting two years to upgrade to the latest handsets, like U.S. Cellular’s Android-powered devices. The standard phone upgrade time under a Belief Plan is only 18 months. U.S. Cellular customers can upgrade a phone as early as every 10 to 11 months depending on their plan by redeeming their Belief Points.

To learn more about U.S Cellular then plans and services you can check them out here.


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