Monday, October 4, 2010

Messy Monday's!

I know most people hate Monday's but I hate them on a whole other level. My house on Monday morning looks like 4 tornado's have ripped through it. Wait that is true! Four tornado's maybe even five have ripped through it. Weekends are wonderful for family time but man my poor house. Having 4 kids and the hubby home all weekend, it doesn't stand a chance. Now I admit it's is partly my fault my house is such a mess on Monday. It's the weekend a while every Mom knows they NEVER get a day off. I feel I should be entitled to some lazy time as well. This means I don't do nearly as much house work on the weekends as I would normally do on the week days. The result..... A COMPLETE DISASTER Monday morning.
I dread waking up Monday and tackling this mess. I probably make it so much harder on myself by not keeping up over the weekend but hey I want to relax to. It's only fair, right? Now if I could just afford a housekeeper just on Mondays. That is all I'm asking for, I don't think it's to much to ask for ;)

My husband  does tell me not to worry about it, the kids will clean their rooms...Really, I appreciate the effort but throwing your junk in the closet, under the bed, mixing clean clothes with dirty just makes it 100% worse! It is just so much easier for me to do it the right way. I try and cut them some slack, I mean I know that is how I cleaned at their age as well and at least they try, right?
I don't know I guess it just amazes me the difference between when everyone is at work and school and when everyone is home. Ahh Ok just a short vent before I tackle the bathrooms. Wish me luck!


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LOL Your house sounds like mine and I only have 2 kids! (Well 3 if you count hubby ;) )

Good luck!

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