Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Looking for extra PC protection?

Are you looking for additional PC protection for things that could haunt your computer this Halloween or anytime? Then Immunet has what you need.

I'm sure most of  already carry a form a virus protection on our computer. Have you had something escape that protection and play a little havoc on your PC still? I have once or twice and with how much I depend on my computer a little backup could not hurt.

Immunet offers a free companion software download that doesn’t just keep your computer safe – but it ensures your network – your friends, family, neighbors, your child’s school – whoever is connected to you in the Immunet community – is protected.  It can be used in addition to whatever you get from your internet provider or came with your computer. For a limit time Immunet is offering you until the end of October, 25% off if you would like to upgrade from their free service to Protect Plus. Just use code OCTOBER remember this offer is only available until Halloween.

*This was a Sponsor post and I was in no was compensated by monetarily form to post*


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